You play small because you think it makes you humble

You downplay your capabilities because you don’t want to be considered proud

You believe your higher power requires you to do this because this is what you have been shown and taught

But it is nonsense

Set yourself free from this nonsense

Set yourself free to be ALL OF YOU!

You malign your greatness

You label your greatness as pride

You call yourself deluded for thinking that you can live into the grand GREAT vision you have for yourself

Oh how you insult yourself and your creator

You were created to be GREAT

And yet, you deny it

Is it any wonder that you are not where you thought you would be by now?

Is it any wonder that you get more and more drained each day?

Is it any wonder that you feel far from your Source as you try to fumble your way through each day, feeling directionless and afraid?

Stop this nonsense

Look within yourself

Stop with the self-avoidance – You cannot escape yourself so why do you keep avoiding yourself?

Listen to the Divine within you, reminding you of who you could be if you would stop putting the brakes on yourself

You think it makes you more acceptable to downplay your strengths, your wisdom, your skills, your gifts, your knowledge

You would rather be accepted by people around you than be yourself (though you do not admit it)

This stifles your ability to take ground and create the abundance you deeply desire

You feel the emptiness, the continual draining of your energy

How low must you go before you wake up to your greatness?

Will you wait until your body surrenders to a scary illness before you finally admit that you are destroying yourself by denying yourself?

Will you wait until your final moments on this planet to finally realise that you never allowed yourself to truly live because you were so busy obeying false rules and living a fake life?


That thing inside of you that you consider to be pride, is actually your greatness.

It is the path to the life you desire – the free, fulfilled, financially-abundant, love-drenched life you desire

WAKE UP, my love


Say YES to the greatness within you

Explore it

Ask the Divine to help you see it more clearly

And start to operate from that powerful part of you

Yes, some people will not like it

They will say you are getting too big for your boots

Ignore them

They wish they had your courage

BE GREAT, my love

Own your greatness and CHOOSE TO BE GREAT!

You have skills and wisdom that the world needs.


It is step 1 to a free, fulfilled, financially abundant, love-drenched life.

Your way has not worked. You feel regret at all the time you have wasted.  Do not waste any more time trying to force your great self into a small box.

It is time to open up to a new way

It is time to set yourself free to create a fulfilling 6 figure income and so much more.

Go now to and get your copy of the book

Much Amazing Love

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