You KNOW something is wrong with the way you are doing life…

It does not feel all that great

It does not fulfil you

It makes you feel trapped in a life that you know you do not desire…

But yet, you keep thinking the same way, acting the same way and getting the same results while wishing, hoping and praying to the heavens to come save you.


You are weighed down by responsibilities – Some of which are not even yours to bear but bear them, you do while telling yourself that it makes you a good, kind and nice spiritual person.

You perform the spiritual rituals, when you remember…

You chant the affirmations and hope that some kind of magical manifestation will happen

You try a few new systems but stick with nothing and then claim to have tried everything and nothing ever works for you and of course, it is all a scam.

And as much as you long to be free, you cannot seem to believe any new idea long enough to apply it to your life CONSISTENTLY until it works.

You have bought into the traditional, stifling way of living life COMPLETELY though you claim to dislike it but your actions speak louder than your passionately spoken words.

You are surrounded by others who feel the same entrapment as you and NONE of you do anything different

There are lots of complaints about how things are, how things SHOULD be and blah blah blah… but again, NO ONE changes anything.  You all feel like your hands are tied. (tied by who… I wonder?!)

You even have a few friends with whom you share dreams of breaking free…

Each of you has some kind of idea of what you COULD do…

For a few moments, you all escape to a world where you ARE free

And then you all go home and return to the same old, same old

Waking up, living the same day, with the same people, wishing, hoping or if you are really far gone down this path, you have just given up.


But no one does.

Except you are here, reading this, expecting some kind of salvation step…

You are fed up with playing this game with YOUR OWN FREAKING LIFE

You KNOW you are meant for more…

And you keep hoping to find it in an email…

Or a book

Or a free course

The truth is, you have discovered many a thing but apply them, YOU HAVE NOT.

You tell yourself that you just don’t know HOW but when someone offers to teach you how, you come up with other excuses as to why you cannot do it now.


I know you.

I was you.

Until I got fed up with being that person.

I KNEW I was meant for more and I was done with settling for less.

I woke up

I got support

I applied that support

I changed my life

Are you fed up yet?

And please do not believe that being spiritual saves you from your own self-doubt and lack of self-trust

Yes, you are loved unconditionally but the content of your life is YOURS to design and create, with divine support of course, but YOU HAVE TO DECIDE what you want.  Ain’t no deity gonna force your hand, my love.  You can fast, pray, affirm, chant all you like but until you actually back things up with some kind of action in the direction of what you want, you will feel as though the heavens are not giving you an answer.



Again, are you fed up yet?

Then get a copy of my book – the Deliberate Millionaire’s CONFIDENCE Book at and get yourself on the DM path to peace and plenty.

No, the magic is not in just getting the book

The magic is in YOU READING AND APPLYING the principles in the book and then staying on path until you get where you want to go and then staying consistent even then – You cannot expect to go back to old ways and somehow keep a new life – WAKE UP!

Stop looking for the magic bullet that will change your life without you changing anything

Stop being so concerned about what others will think of you for getting out of the jail cell you have all found yourself in.

Start realising that time is the only thing you cannot replace.

Start knowing that all this time spent, thinking mass mind conditioned thoughts & acting based on old traditions that do not even make much sense to you, is preventing you from making the most of your potential.

Start committing to inner and outer transformation

Start rising victorious in your true design

Start again to realise that you are a pretty powerful being, capable of changing your whole life, if you are willing to do so.

AWAKEN and go get the book at

Much Amazing Love


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