The Divine, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished

Adapted From The Bible

You are called and you know it

You are leader and you know it

You are way-show-er and you know it

Maybe, it is through the creative works of your hand (books, music, crafts, art) that you will open people up to a new way…

Maybe it is through the service you provide as you coach, counsel, teach, speak or whatever…

It does not matter…


You have seen a picture of the end of your story, if you choose to say yes

And it pleases you

You long for it

To influence and impact many

To create lots of wealth for you and yours

You see it

You feel it

You deeply desire it

It is your vision and it is yours to create

However, the ‘how’ is not yours to know at this point, or at any point

You simply need to trust that the next step is right in front of you

And you need to take that step

Some want to map everything out from A-Z before they do anything

But that is not the path you are called to

You are called to the path of faith

Your faith in the picture within you, is all the evidence you need that it will come to life

OF course, you have to say yes and get on the narrow path.

This is no spectator sport

This is finding the courage to leave the familiar behind and trust that the wild and exciting vision you have within you, will come to life.

Most cannot do this

They need assurances at the start

There are none

Except for your vision and your faith in it

That is your evidence

Can you trust that you will be guided step by step to your vision?

Will you listen, trust and act on the nudges as they come?

Or will you stay in the familiar, yet dissatisfying life you currently have?

Most make the choice by not making any choice – They wait and wait and wait

Hoping for another sign

Hoping for a saviour that never comes

We are not ‘most’

We, the deliberate, must DECIDE

Will we walk the path to our true destiny, knowing that the end of the story is sure, if we will keep walking?

What is YOUR answer?

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Much Amazing Love

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