I got this impression this morning…

There you are, with your heart in a prison cell and a very observant and responsible warden on the outside of the cell, monitoring all the comings and goings.

Nothing escapes the attention of this warden.

Nothing sneaks past this warden.

Hardly anything or anyone is let through.

You put this warden in place as a result of various happenings in your life.  You do not even completely remember all the details of these happenings and yet, the warden is there, following your orders, keeping everything and everyone out.

So, here you are, wondering why you feel so alone, wondering why you cannot find someone to share your life with, wondering why the person you ARE sharing your life with, feels so distant and the relationship feels so unsatisfying.

And yes, it is easy enough to tell yourself that it is THEIR fault.

If they did not do this and did not do that…

If they did this or did that…

Then things would be better.

Then you would be able to find and keep and ENJOY love.

Yet, honey, you do not notice the teeny tiny actions you take everyday to repel love. You think you are being wise, reasonable, rational and all those lofty sounding words that seem so logical and right.

You do not notice how opportunities to be open and vulnerable and LOVED come into your life and you turn your back on them every single time.

All you see is what you do not have and your heart aches for something more, something different.

Honey, it is one thing to wish for love and A WHOLE OTHER DIFFERENT THING to allow yourself to be loved.

I know because I have been you.

I can still be you except I know what I will teach you in YOUR IDEAL LIFE PARTNER, so I do not allow myself to stay in that crazy space for long.

When you have not truly experienced love, it can be hard to allow love in.

When you have experienced a draining, manipulative ‘love’, it can be hard to let the real thing in. For goodness’ sake, you do not even KNOW what it looks like!

I get it.

But I also know you can dissolve and resolve all of that, IF YOU ARE WILLING.

Come work with me in YOUR IDEAL LIFE PARTNER if you are a spirit-driven soul that is truly ready to attract, sustain and enjoy the love of your life, without having to be something other than you.

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Much Amazing Love

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