We are divine beings, having a human experience.

Except we tend to forget that.

We tend to think of ourselves as powerless to do anything other than what is expected of us.

Even though there are ideas and dreams and desires within that seek expression.

And I look at people like Jesus and I see how he harnessed the power within himself, that Divine power and used it to benefit the world.

And there are many spiritual role models like this throughout history.

The thing is that Jesus definitely said that we would do more than what he demonstrated.

And yet, it has not been most spirit-driven soul’s experience.

For the longest time, I pondered on that verse and I wondered where my power was – why was I not healing the sick, raising the dead, materialising money out of fish’s mouths and all of that?!

Not everyone’s cup of tea, for sure but even things like great relationships, radiant health, financial abundance, fulfilling work – These are things that people like Jesus seemed to materialise as well and that is definitely EVERYONE’s cup of tea.

And yet, lots do not have what they desire in these areas. They make do with any old thing and try to pretend that it is enough. And why? This did not seem to me to be the more that was promised.

And then I began to see that using your divine power to design a great life was a PRACTICE.

It did not just happen, by chance, to these spiritual mentors.

They took the time to firstly connect to Source, believe it was possible and practise this stuff until they mastered it.

But I see lots of spiritual people almost averse to the idea that they too could be powerful.

They compare it to the demonstrations of power they have seen in the world by people they judge as ‘evil’.

I personally just see people who have availed themselves of the power that EVERYONE can avail themselves of.

And we all have free will to use it however we want to.

And while spirit-driven-souls play small, telling themselves stories of waiting on the Divine or some other such nonsense that gives them an out from actually having to go into the world and demonstrate this power. (after all, most of the spiritual people we know who do use their power, get persecuted in some way. It may seem easier not to put yourself out there!)

Anyway, while spirit-driven-souls do this playing small thing, I believe the world suffers.

Because we are here for a reason.

We are here to shine our light.

And it does start with making your own life work the way you want it to.

And as you live to your true design, you will either feel led to support others and become a messenger of light or you will simply be a great example of what can occur when you get your power in gear.

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It might trigger you how I wrote the page but hey ho, I want to shake you free of pre-conceived ideas.

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Much Amazing Love

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