Most people walk through life passively.

I call them the ‘walking dead’

I lived this way for a very long time – Life was happening to me, life was pushing me around, people wanted me to be this way or that way and I just went along with them as though I was a blob…

A blob that took its shape from what happened to me, instead of a powerful leader who decided what I created.

And thankfully, one day I woke up and stopped being a reactor and started to be a creator.

I asked myself what I really wanted.

And surprisingly enough the answer was always there.

I always knew what I wanted and I even knew what I had to do to create it but there was all that fear.

All that worry about whether people would like me, whether I would be accepted, whether I was up to the task and whether I had the right to demand what I wanted out of life.

Everything around me seemed to point in the direction of ‘STOP DELUDING YOURSELF!’

And I could have listened, I could still listen…

Or I could decide that I am creator of my own life experience and that all I need to create the life I dream about is already present within me anyway.  After all, if I have been blessed with a dream, I must have the resources to make it happen if I will dare to follow through on my inspired action.

And the same applies to you.

I am not the only creator on this planet – You are too.

You have within you the ability to make your own dreams of life and business and wealth and joy and happiness come true.

The answer has always been within you but you have lacked the courage to follow it through until today.

Because, I am here calling you out.

I am here reminding you again about who you are…

I am here telling you that within you is incredible power; Power that is just waiting for you to wake up and unleash it and bring about a world change because you can.

You do not need to look outside yourself for any answers – You know exactly what to do next.

Yes, it may be to go find out how to make the dream a reality because you do not yet have the technical knowledge to get it done…

Yes, it may be to get support from someone who will help you tap into the truth that you are a capable and creative human being…

But understand this, you have always known what your life is to be about…

You have always known the direction you are to take…

You are constantly creating your life experience…

And the moment you decide that where you are is no longer where you want to be, then you can create something new because the answer is always within you.

Your best life is just waiting for you to wake up to your role in creating it.

This is not about hoping and wishing and praying.  It is about a deep certainty that everything you want can be and is being created by you because you can.

It is a refusal to entertain any other version of life except the one you see in your head…

It is the refusal to care that others may think you strange and unrealistic…

Let them have their boring old reactive life if they want it.

We want something more.

We want to change the world.

We want to change OUR OWN world.

We want to be, to do, to have anything we want.

We know we can.

So why would we settle for less?

We are alive, we are creators, we deliberately design our lives the way we want them.

Little by little, step by step, we recreate our whole life experience and it all stems from that deep internal knowing, that deep answer that we carry within us.

Enough allowing the doubt to determine your life.

You are leader, you are creator, begin now to live life deliberately.

It is time to fight for, to create the life, the business you want.

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