It is tempting to look to Facebook to get you organic reach and think that every algorithm change is a call to battle stations…

So much frustration is brewed this way.

It is tempting to think that if you throw enough money at it then THAT will solve your business issues…

Again, lots of frustration to be found there too.

There is no one place anywhere on the internet that is going to be solely responsible for your success or failure.

The real power lies with you.

Yes, FB, Insta, Snapchat, Advertising and so on are all vehicles for your message but it is YOUR message that will grow your business.

And when you look to all these places as the source of the win, you end up trying to appease the gods of the internet instead of simply talking to the people you want to connect with.

You tame your message to (hopefully) reach more people but what ends up happening is that you sound a little Jekyll and hyde!  Because on some days, you are feeling down about your lack of organic reach and so you try to tone everything down to see if that will work for you.  You look for your keywords and phrases and pepper everthing you say with what you hope the search engines/FB engine will pick up and deliver to lots of people.

Maybe they do, maybe they don’t (Usually, DON’T)

The next day, you are feeling all fired up and authentic so you give a passion based rant about something or the other and all the people who were deceived into thinking that you were a bland little lamb get horrified that you sound like this and they ‘unlike’ you and flee screaming away from you…

And so you are back to square one.

And you may blame algorithms if you like but it is not that.

It is that you stopped trusting the power of you!

The power of your real message…

The Magic!

You thought you could get the quick win by bland-ifying and vanilla-rising (Are those words?!) yourself.

And more importantly, you thought that anything, anyone external to you would be responsible for your success and that, my honey, is not the way it works.

You have to take ownership of your own success, complete ownership.

YOU are responsible.

Not FB, Insta, Twitter or anything else.

It is all on YOU!

You get to choose where you show up…

Who you speak to…

What you say…


And the quicker you realise this, the better.

There is a subtle, oh so subtle, need to depend on something other than you.  I used to do this.  I would get so emotional about whether FB showed my posts to enough people.  I would internally lament the lack of organic reach, resent having to invest my money in the platform, thinking I was owed a living…

And I got done with that!

Now, I speak boldy.

Let those who are right for me, come…

I sometimes promote my posts if they are allowed…

I do talk about sex, money, power and Spirit and sometimes, I am not allowed to promote these…

But I do not let that stop me.

I just share them manually to the places that I feel my people could be and that way, I continually reach more people.

It was a subtle shift from dependence to taking full responsibility for my own success.

You need to do it too.

Stop being dependent.

Start being responsible.

Your success is completely in your hands and that gives you incredible power.

There is no external magic.

You, showing up powerfully as you, IS THE MAGIC.

Use it!

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