You have always known that you have power

Whether it was that you were able to get people to like you and do what you want them to do easily

Or that you just seemed to create whatever you wanted when you wanted

Or that things just fell into place when you wanted them to

Except someone or something made you believe that it was somehow unfair that you got things so easily

So you started to buy into a story of hardship

You started to think that it was not okay to create things so easily

You started wanting to prove to yourself and to others that you had to work really hard to get what you wanted

It was not even conscious

It would take a lot of self-awareness to know that this had happened

But there is something about what I am saying here that resonates with you

Because there is a longing to return to the ease, the flow of being able to create what you desire, when you desire it

Well, this is the call

The Divine calls you back home

You are a new breed leader

Called to be a way-shower for others

Now return to your home base where creating was simple

Where you always got whatever the heck you wanted…

Where you just did not care what others thought of you because you KNEW who you were

Yes, you will need to get a lot more deliberate about it so that you can see exactly what you do to create the ease

And then you can show the world to do it too

We are coming into a new age, honey

And leaders like you are needed to show the way

But you are too immersed in nonsense

You are buying into stories that disempower you


Remember your true design

Remember who you are

Remember your power

And step back into it

It is where you will find peace

You got off course

You tried to be what others thought would be best for you

But it does not fit

They did not understand that you are someone who must live from a living connection with Source, if you are to be at peace with yourself

There is no way for you to live that disconnected life that people suggested would be best

Well, there is a way but you have to be half-dead to accept their way

And you tried that

But unsurprisingly, you feel half-dead

Your vibrancy is gone as you try to fit into the box others created for you

Yes, yes, yes, it seems like you have created a ‘good enough’ life to those outside of you

But you know, you know, YOU KNOW there is more for you


Return to your true design

Go within

See the picture of who you truly be

Ask for guidance to bring it to life

And boldly RISE UP as that new breed leader who lives from what you see on the inside of you

And then actively works to bring it all to life.

No more trying to create your life from the outside in

It is the wrong way around and it leads to low-level sadness and half-deadness

AGAIN! You tried already

Stop telling yourself to accept that as normal when you know you are born for something more

And go full pelt into the life you are feeling called to create


You and I need to talk

My calling is to awaken new breed leaders such as yourself

To help you see that you are here for such a time as this

That that inner discomfort you feel, is simply because you are trying to force your awesomeness into a very small box

STOP THAT, my love!

And AWAKEN to the power that is you

It is time to become the way-shower you are born to be

Those stories you have can be a source of healing and knowledge for others

If you will learn the lessons you need to learn and begin to teach them

If you will package them up and use this glorious internet to reach your people

Stop downplaying yourself and your gifts


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It is time.

Much Amazing Love

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