Ok, I think this will be a short missive but you know how I am…

I start talking and then I cannot seem to stop


Anyway, here goes…

I see you…

Acting RELENTLESSLY towards the work you do not want…

Whereas you are praying, pleading, begging the heavens about the vision on your heart, the purpose-driven work you want to do

But taking ABSOLUTELY no real action towards it

Yes, you are dabbling a little at your vision…

Maybe showing up a little sheepishly on social media

Never quite mentioning your products, services, arts, crafts, books, music etc…

You are hoping, wishing, praying that people will just buy it without any real effort from you…

You do not see it that way, of course…

Because of the inner negative chatter going on inside of you, it is pretty hard to do the dabbling you are doing so you think you are giving it a lot of energy but really, you are giving it a lot of thought!

Whereas you are giving your most clear energy to work you do not love…

If the tables were reversed on the way you were living your life, can you see that your vision would be flourishing whereas the work you feel forced to do, would be as dead as your business is at present?

But the tables are not reversed

You are literally saying that you want to live free, fulfilled, financially abundant and love-drenched

But you are daily, relentlessly, determinedly focused on building actively a life you do not like?!

HOW CRAY CRAY is that?!

Of course you cannot prosper in any true sense!

You might have a little money but you know it is capped

You are not on your purpose journey, my love

EVERYTHING is capped when you are determinedly living OFF-COURSE!

WAKE UP, spirit-driven soul

You are new breed leader

History Maker



Forerunner for a new way of doing life

You are called to be LIGHT in this world

Give more attention to your purpose work.

Give it your energy

Treat it like you would treat a job

Show up for it DAILY


And allow it to flourish as you begin changing lives, making a difference and oF COURSE, making money doing what you love.

Are you in?

I have something AWESOME for you!

Something that will elevate your income whilst keeping you purpose-driven and free. I am pretty darned excited about this – PURPOSE-DRIVEN PROFITS – The 90 Day Business Growth Mastermind to create a purpose-driven HIGHLY Profitable online business that generates at least $5K each month in 90 minutes a day, with hardly any tech skills or capital

This program is for Spirit-driven souls who are done with playing small and being stuck and want to start making their income from an online enterprise. Whether it be books, music, a product, service or art & crafts that you want to promote, this program will help you!

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And so much more

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Do not delay, honey! First Module Drops Saturday.  Doors close Sunday!

Much Amazing Love

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