For soooo long, I had doubts about my christian beliefs

But I thought it was the only way to God and I loved God dearly

And to be honest, all my friends were christian and I had been christian my whole life so who the heck was I without the banner of christianity?

What on earth would people think of me?!!!! Would God cast me out of heaven?!

I finally realised that living my life to please anyone was just a freaking waste of time and there were other people in the world to make friends with and a lot of them were a lot less judgmental than my christian friends anyway.

And God was unconditional love.

For soooo long I had doubts about my family traditions

But I thought it was the best way to do life and I was scared of being completely alone

And they would say I was selfish for not going along with the tribe and doing what I was told.  I might even get beaten for it.

I finally realised they already thought I was selfish anyway so that ship had sailed 😃

And I was an adult now.  No one was allowed to touch me anymore.

For so long, I doubted the prescribed path to success – Get educated, Get a job, Be happy

But all I knew to do was get more and more learning and certificates and get a good job that had good career prospects.

I was not supposed to be able to do my own thing.  It scared and excited me to dabble at a few ideas but it scared me more and so for a long time, I did nothing serious about my ideas, except talk and wish and dream and plan.

I wasted so much time, giving so much room to these doubts.

I wasted soooooo much time, trying to fit, trying to be what ‘they’ all thought was best for me

I wasted soooooo much time trying to avoid hell

I would read books on the things I doubted just trying, TRYING to justify what ‘they’ were telling me was the truth

I tried so hard to disregard my doubts

I could not talk to the Divine about it because I was scared that I would commit the unforgivable sin and be sent off to hell for all eternity and of course, I had been taught that my own intuition, my own heart was not to be trusted unless confirmed by 2 or 3 witnesses (who all, of course, believed implicitly what I was doubting!)

Everyone just covered their own fears and doubts with anxious activity but it was what we all did so hey ho, on we went.

And well, there were no books to read on family culture and traditions, there were just all these questions and fears and doubts and game playing.

Finally, I dared to trust myself.

I chose to open my freaking eyes to see that life was not any better for people who followed all these nonsensical rules of living.

And rather than tell myself that it would be better in the next life, I started to truly see that I was not here just to prepare for some next life.



To get to know myself and all that I was capable of.

To experience everything I wanted to experience.

That YES, I am loved unconditionally

And NO, the Divine is not some scary judgmental dude who has no choice but to punish me for all eternity to prove how JUST and LOVING He is or whatever other nonsense people choose to believe about their higher power.

Yes, it took courage to question my beliefs.

And it took courage to say NO to traditions that just felt stupid.

And even to this day, there are still times when I revert back to old fears because it is scary how ingrained they can be but these days, I remember a little quicker that I AM LOVED and LIFE IS TO BE ENJOYED, if I am willing to let go of ideas that hold me back.

And frankly, there are no ideas that are too sacred to question, if they seem to be suggesting that I cannot create the vision within me.

Honey, face your doubts.

Stop pretending that you believe what you don’t really believe anymore

It is keeping you stuck in a life that feels Boring, average, mediocre and struggle-infused.

AWAKEN to who you truly are

Shed those shitty beliefs about the Divine, the way you HAVE TO live, the work you HAVE TO do etc etc.

Rediscover YOU!

Stop being so afraid of being your bold, different self.

That is actually the one true path to peace and plenty

Why on earth do you believe you can ever prosper in the wrong life for you?


Question Everything

The truth stands up to scrutiny.

This will help

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Time to ditch doubt

Overcome the inner critic that keeps you doing the same old, same old stuff that gets you nowhere

Regain your self-confidence so you can boldly claim the life you desire

Re-establish self-trust so you can live a lot more intuitively, rather than just from your or anyone else’s past experience which is puny when you consider how much you/they really do not know.

Again, AWAKEN to who you really are.

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Much Amazing Love

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