It is a new year!  And as usual, I find myself determined to create more, to be even more wealthy and to have even more of the things I desire.  I am obsessed with living to my full potential and that includes making as much money as possible, firstly for my own comfort and that of my immediate family and then if it pleases me, I will support others.

And you may read that statement and think how worldly (greedy) I am!

And that would say more about you and your life than it does me and mine.

You may think that you are blessed to be content with the little you have and not be like all those greedy rich people who always desire more and want more expansion and I would say ‘Keep your small life then!’

And I will add to that by saying – You will NEVER have the impact you want, while you think like that.

You may dream of changing lives but you will NEVER do it while your life remains small and limited.

So, I will take my life, ANY DAY!

This is the thing and listen closely if you really do want change – you have been programmed into lack.

Your education, your religion, the media, your friends and family – EVERYTHING – conspires to keep you helpless and the thing is, they all train you to think that this is the way it has to be and so you accept it as the gospel truth.

You have not questioned your beliefs in aeons!

You keep going along with things that do not suit you and you think that it is just the way it has to be!

And the crazy thing is that you may even be successful compared to the people next to you and so you think you are doing okay!

And honey, I call you out!

You could have more if you would actually claim it.

Everyone could!  but I am speaking only to you right now so listen in!

For years, I lived under a ‘god’ that I claimed loved me…

but actually I was in fear that if I stepped even one jot out of line then I would be fried in the next life forever and ever. AMEN!  And then to add insult to injury, the teaching also goes that I am unable to do all the good that this ‘god’ wants from me and so I am to be permanently stuck in begging and pleading as I consider my worm-like state and keep begging for forgiveness.

But then at the heart of all this conditioning is the knowledge that GOD is LOVE! and that I am created in the image of this all-powerful being and also that I carry the same power that conquered the grave and so finally, I started to question how the first part of this teaching could possibly be true if the second part is true too!

I choose to follow the Spirit within me.

And anyway, the original crazy way of thinking was not working!  So I gave it up and moved to a more empowering relationship with my Creator!  And honey, you had better consider it as well, if all those big ideas of yours are ever to actually take place.

Another BIG area of lack programming was around my family – my extended family, that is.

Being African, I used to think that we, African peeps, knew better how to love each other than my european colleagues.  I was part of a ‘tribe’ that ‘loved’ me and so, I felt I had to stay under their thumb to keep receiving that love.  There are all kinds of traditions and rules you have to follow in order to fit in and be accepted and for a long time, I even attempted to try.

I failed dismally and felt so guilty about it.  I got called selfish because I questioned doing things just because some rule had been made aeons before I was born and now I was supposed to live by it! WHY?

People who ‘loved’ me used my christianity as a way to manipulate me into giving them money – I finally saw it for what it was and I finally learnt that my best interests were not necessarily the agenda for the ‘family’.  The maintenance of the status quo was more important to them and I finally just stopped playing the games.  I got brave and I said ‘NO’ and my income, my freedom expanded as a result.

And then there was my education!

All of it was designed to make me a drone.  To make me fit in and build the dream of other people.  And all that is good and fine if I am happy to do that.  The thing is, I am not that person.

I am created to do my own thing – to build my own dreams and to have no limit to the wealth that I create.

And maybe that is you, too!  Then you have a battle on your hands as you stand against what most people think is the ‘safe, secure’ path for life.  You will firstly have to do battle with yourself! Because you will be standing against all your training, all the need to be part of the ‘norm’ crowd, all the need to be accepted and considered successful by your current peers.

To have a title that people think is prestigious – Even that is a big deal when you decide to venture into entrepreneurship and true freedom.

And yet, if you want to live an abundant, purpose-driven, HAPPY life then you have to face all this nonsense down.

Will you?

Or will you continue to allow your lack programming to claim your life?

It is always your choice!

The thing is, I see you with your big ideas, your big dreams and you are limited by what you consider to be the norm.  Instead of questioning that norm, you think it is just the way it is.  And it is not!

It does not have to be like that at ALL!

So choose a different path, honey!

Yes, it will be scary and hard work to re-condition yourself for wealth and abundance – Old programing is not going to leave without a fight! I know you are up to the task because I see the brilliance and the power that lives within you.

Tap into it, friend!

It is time to change your thoughts and change your life!

Fight for, create the life the business you want!

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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