It feels like ‘it’ is all on you.

If you don’t do it, then no one will.

If you don’t do it, then the world will fall apart for many of the people in your life and so, you just keep holding everything up.

the weight feels heavy but you are strong.

And so, you just keep going.


Your own dreams and visions are not coming to life.

It feels like your whole life is about everyone else’s life.

You don’t feel like you have a life of your own.

You resent them sometimes (a lot of the time, if you are honest) but you just keep plodding along, holding everything up, keeping everyone looked after, forgetting yourself, being everything to everyone else.

The problem with that, of course, is that every day in small and big ways, you are telling yourself that YOU do not matter.

Every day, in small and big ways, you are telling yourself that YOU are not that important.

Every day, for years now, you have been demolishing your own confidence and so, even when opportunities for expansion present themselves to you, you hold back.

Of course, you tell yourself some story about this person and that person needing you so you cannot take that opportunity.

And on the surface, it looks true.

Except I see you

And beneath the surface, I know you did not feel confident enough to take the opportunity.

All your energy is going towards being all things for everyone, EXCEPT yourself and when it comes to things that will benefit you, you just can’t.

You have lost your edge.

And you don’t even really know when it happened.

Just little by little, your confidence seeped away, leaving this over-protective, hyper-vigilant shell of yourself in charge.

And it is tiring

You get angry so easily these days though you have learnt to push it down.

How long do you think you are going to be able to keep this up?

Because you are so strong, you do not even realise that you are suffering from a lack of confidence.  No one would ever really suspect just how trapped you feel & also how powerless you feel to change your life.  Even you are not completely aware of it, except as you read this, something deeply resonates.

You have shut yourself down, in order to cope with the life you have created and so, you are not in touch with how you truly feel anymore.

EXCEPT you still KNOW you are meant for more.

You STILL know that you are meant to thrive and prosper.

And you long for that.

It is time to break free, my love.

No sudden moves required.

Simply start now to chip away at your doubts and fears with an immersion in THE ABUNDANCE LIBRARY.

Simply start now to rebuild true self-confidence that allows you to take back dominion over your own awesome life.

Simply start now to leave behind the sad stories and limiting beliefs of the past

You can RISE VICTORIOUS in your TRUE DESIGN life of freedom, fulfilment, financial abundance and unconditional love, however you define that.


Much Amazing Love

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