A part of you felt it was proud to truly own the power inside of you

You thought your deity might get offended if you admitted that you felt quite powerful

You also worried what other people would think of you if you truly stood in what you considered to be your power

And so you played small.

You told yourself to be ‘humble’

You tried to blend in

You even thought that you would never be able to live your vision because you are obviously too proud to be granted such a wish


Just stop it!

You did not come to this earth to hide your power

You did not come to this earth to play this small game

You did not come to this earth to pretend to be less than who you are

The Divine does not need you to play small so He can feel big

The Divine KNOWS who He is and His identity is not so weak that it will be crushed if you owned your full authority

In fact, until you own that full authority, your life will never feel all that great

So stop the small playing and get on path to understand how to master the use of your power to create the life you want

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Join in now

Admit that you want to be able to wield your power to create whatever you want in life, including lots of money

This is not some woo-woo nonsense but you already know that though you have allowed doubt to stall your progress

You do have the power to create your reality, if you will learn how to use it.

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Much Amazing Love

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