You have all the power!

By May 25, 2015March 17th, 2020Entrepreneur, Self Development

you have all the powerEveryday, you wake up and you get to choose who you are going to be that day.

Most people think they are who they are and that they have no control over it.

Yet, it is so not true.

Everyday, every minute, every moment, you create you. It has absolutely nothing to do with anyone else – You create you.

You do not have to respond like a crazy person when your kids do something annoying – You do choose that. After all, if the phone rang in that exact moment, you would suddenly find your inner nice person to answer it.

You do not have to feel put down because someone decided they did not like something about you because what they think or even say can only affect you if you decide to allow it to.

You may be experiencing lack today but you do not have to pretend that there are no options for you. You can decide this moment to reject lack and start creating wealth instead.

Things may happen to you but you always get a choice about how you react to things and so you go about each day creating, creating, creating your experience.

What if you got super deliberate about everything?

What if you started to think about what you think about?

What if you started to think about what you allowed your mouth to speak?

How much more deliberate would your impact be on the world?

You are so much more powerful than you give yourself credit for and yet, you keep giving away your power pretending that you do not have any.

I know, I know, you actually do think that you don’t have any. You have stopped seeing all the things you have done. You belittle them and talk yourself down and by doing that, you create a negative life experience for you.

Most people take pride in their negativity – they call it realism and they do not want to appear too cheesy to the people in their world. They ‘tell it like it is’ and spew their internal hurts everywhere.

The irony is that they keep creating the same things that they claim not to want because they have set the expectation and they have spoken it into reality and so now they only see what they choose to see. Their relationships follow the same pattern because they keep attracting the same kind of people to them and so, they do not even realize that their world is getting smaller and smaller and smaller because they no longer can see the vast expanse around them.

Do not be that person.

Choose to live in gratitude for everything in your life and speak into being things that you want, not things you don’t.

Yes, I accept that at times, things may feel tough but talking about it does not help the matter. I agree that you cannot pretend something bad is not there. Reality is reality and all that.

You do not have to wallow in it, though!

You can think and speak and act in ways that take you away from situations you do not like.

Be deliberate about your thinking and your speaking and your actions.

And you will CERTAINLY start to see that your life is pretty awesome.

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Much Amazing Love

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