Wake up, will ya?


Enough with the wimpiness.

Enough with the feeling sorry for yourself

Enough with the waiting for someone to acknowledge just how hard life has been for you and how strong you are for having overcome all the stuff as they pat you on the back and tell you to take a break, have a rest, you have done enough…


Then NO! you have not done enough!


Enough with the procrastinating

Enough with the waiting for another sign from God

Enough with the second-guessing and self-doubting

Enough with using your parents, children, partner, siblings, grandchildren, bank balance, job, lack of energy, lack of support as an excuse not to create your vision

And for goodness’ sake, ENOUGH with the waiting for permission to fully live out your calling!

YOU ARE MORE POWERFUL THAN ALL OF THIS STUFF so why the heck are you allowing all of this to hold you back?

You have a message that will transform lives

You have skills and wisdom gleaned from a life full of tough experiences that you overcame

You have a divine calling to use those skills and wisdom to help others

You are meant for more

And you freaking know it

And yet, all I hear from you are wimpy excuses and reasons why this is not the right time to do what you know you should have been doing YEARS AGO!


You have a moral obligation to get out into the marketplace and HELP THE PEOPLE YOU ARE CALLED TO SERVE

And yet, even as I write this, I also know you have free will.

You can have all those skills, all that wisdom and choose to do absolutely nothing with it, if you wish

YOu will still be loved.

Your worth is definitely not dependent on what you do or not do

And yet, is this all you want?


to know that you had a powerful message that could have helped so many and instead of courageously packaging it up in a way that it could be received and PAID for, you chose to bury it.

You chose to go to the grave with your music still in you.

You CHOSE to dabble, get nowhere and tell yourself that you tried everything and nothing worked for you.

You chose to run back to ‘safety’ and ‘security’ the moment things got a little tough and you actually had to demonstrate FAITH! the faith you pretend to have lots of, when nothing is at stake.

You CHOSE to give up your ideas of creating generational wealth because it got a little hard or even a lot hard

You just freaking quit like a little wimp and told yourself that NO ONE can be expected to go through all of that.

You told yourself that you had to responsible and not lay yourself on the line like that

You told yourself that it was unreasonable and deluded to have such big dreams

Erm… OK?!

Do you want the free, fulfilled, financially abundant, love-drenched life or not?


You have a moral obligation to YOURSELF first and foremost – Is this all you want from your life?

Is this how you intend to bow out?

Is this all that you are?

A quitter and a wimp? Really, this is you?!

Regardless of what anyone else see when they look at the facade you put on, you KNOW the truth

You KNOW if you quit

YOu KNOW if you are acting like a wimp

YOu KNOW it, despite all your attempts to distract yourself from facing the truth of the choices you keep making…

WAKE THE HECK UP and choose to fully back yourself

Choose to do what it takes to build the fulfilled, wealthy life you are meant for

Choose to do what it takes UNTIL IT TAKES with no freaking excuses

Get the help and support

Cut ties with those who will encourage your weakness and wimpiness, no matter how well-intentioned they are


Wake up and take YOURSELF seriously

And for goodness’ sake, STOP WIMPING OUT!

You are wayshower

You are bringer of the new

You are probably a pioneer in your family line so why the heck do you think anyone around you will understand why it is so imperative that you live to the fullness of your potential?

Stop waiting for permission – YOUR VISION IS YOUR PERMISSION


You have a moral obligation firstly to yourself to be all you can be and secondly to those you are called to serve

Your life is a gift. USE IT WELL!

Wake up and stop wimping out.

NOW is the time to get on your purpose path and stay on it until you reach your initial goals and then you keep going to the next ones.

Do not look to the left or the right

Do not wimp out anymore – you are too powerful for such silliness!

You already know your next step


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Much Amazing Love

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