Now, let me be clear here, you will not feel certain at the start…

You just won’t!

So all this waiting around to get the perfect idea that you seem to be doing, needs to stop.

I will give you a quick plan and you simply need to pick something and make a start and remove all notions of the first thing you ever do, making you a million bucks.  It probably won’t and that is ok.  Because you are in this for the long haul, right?

You do not need everything to be perfect immediately.

OK, promise me and yourself that you will use these suggestions to pick a product idea within the next 24 hours.

Go on, promise!

Now, let’s do this…

1 What do you want to tell the world?

Write that out again in its full glory.  No filter, no thinking about what you think the world WANTS to hear and instead just write down what you want to tell the world..  Write down what you feel everyone SHOULD know, write down how it will help; them to know it.

2. Who is the person you think will most likely benefit from your message?

Write this down too.  Just get a picture in your mind or impression of who this person is and their pains, fears, delights, joys, trials, challenges, triumphs and what they want.  The chances are that you have already helped this person on a voluntary basis so just write out freehand all you can think of, of this person.  DO not make judgement about whether they can pay you ro not, just get a picture of who they are

3. Start a list of possibles

Now that you are clear on your message and your person, write down a bullet point list of potential things you could teach them.  Get to 10 ideas at least

4. Go to Amazon

Look at books in that industry or written by the ‘gurus’ in your niche and see the titles of the books, the titles of the chapters within the books, the reviews on the books – Add any ideas from that to your list

5. Go to Social media & Websites

Where do your people congregate?  Are there big pages in your industry?  Are there groups where the kind of people you want to serve, congregate?  Go in there, see what the gurus are teaching about, see program titles, see coaching services.  Also, listen to the questions being asked in the groups or on the pages.  Are there recurring themes?  Are there things that stick out to you as something you can help with?  Are there websites where your people congregate?  Find out! check out what is on offer there, what articles are available. Add the ideas to your list.

6. Magazines

Go to a magazine stand and take a look at magazines in your industry.  What headlines?  What are the ‘Ask Aunty Sue’ questions being asked?  Add ideas to your list.  Flick through magazines and see articles being offered.


And in the end, you would have a pretty long list of potential ideas if you are really playing full-out with this and going back to the start – YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT WILL WORK so just pick something and begin.  What takes your fancy as a potential teaching program idea?  DO IT!.  Just DO IT! All the market research in the world will not tell you if your people will pay for it or not.  the only real way to find out is to put it in the marketplace and promote it energetically and see if there are takers or not.

No, you do not need to create the product before selling it.  As soon as the fist sale goes through, you can create week 1/part 1 if you like.  To begin with, the key is to MOVE FAST NOW! and tweak later.

OK, there you have it…

A quick-fire way of deciding on your next move.

The more you do this, the more stuff you create and put out there in the marketplace

She/He who creates the most, wins.

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Much Amazing Love

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