You forgot… Didn’t You? You are not them, You are You!

You are not them... YOu are You

Aaaargh, it can feel so hard to keep up with all the goings and comings of your favourite business people at times. You stalk them, trying to find the secret to wealth, health and success because you want what they have and yet, no matter how much you stalk, and watch what they do and try to copy them, it never feels like you can keep up.

Why bother?

Why bother to watch what anyone does?

Why do you care anyway?

Oh, I know, it is because you want what they have, right?

You want to be as successful as they seem, right?

And yet, you do not know the hidden bits, do you?

The bits no one tells you about…

They tell you all the glossy bits and even for the most honest of them, they try to tell you how hard it can be at times, but you do not hear it.

You think they have some kind of magic secret and so you keep looking, watching, learning, absorbing but you are just not creating as much as you think you should be.

Because you are overwhelmed with all the things you think you need to do to follow in their footsteps.

But who told you, you had to follow in anyone’s footsteps?

Who told you that anyone could really create a path for you to follow?

Who told you to look at anyone?!

Yes, there is stuff you can learn for sure…

Yes there are basic ideas of business and wealth creation that you need to know but then, honey…

The world is your oyster!

NO, you do not have to stalk anyone in order to figure out what you need to do next, you just need to DO SOMETHING!

And that is where you keep making the mistake…

You keep thinking there is some secret, some hidden way, some mantra, some technique, some magic that is hidden from view…

And you keep trying to discover what it is and how you can harness it and how you can do what ‘they’ do…

And all that time you are thinking through what others are doing, you are not doing what you could be doing.

You are trying so hard to be someone else and you are not just being you.

Man, I look around and I see people jump into these bland businesses where they are just trying to be everyone else. They just want someone to tell them what to do so that they can just go do that and I wonder why you even left work if this is the crazy life you want for yourself.

It is just plain old boring!

Boring, boring, boring!

There is a part of you that really wants to come alive but you KEEP THINKING ABOUT WHAT OTHERS WANT FROM YOU!

So you can get their money.

Instead of figuring out who you want to be first and just getting on and being that.

It is not more information you need!

It is bum-kicking on a daily basis!

Bum kicking that makes you get into action instead of dithering all the time.

You are not someone else!

You are you – When will you completely own that? When will you be completely HAPPY TO BE YOU?


When will you see that the thing you have to bring into the world is awesome without all the bells and whistles of someone else?

The magic you are missing, if there is any, is that they are just getting on and making their mistakes, doing what they do and allowing it to come from inside of them.

They do what they do because they want to do what they do.

There is no strategy, secret etc behind it and definitely not in the way you think.

But you want to believe that there is…

So you copy them, you swipe their copy, you do what they do instead of figure out what you want to do and go do that.

And so, honey, how long do you think you can keep that up?

Before the same old, same old boredom that you were trying to run from in your old job creeps up and gets you?

Everyday could be an awesome, exciting day as you explore what you want to do and get on with that or you can just keep on denying yourself, trying to make people happy, trying to satisfy the masses who are also trying to satisfy the masses.

Come on, wake up and get to work.

Do the things you really want to do…

Don’t wait for permission…

Don’t wait to see what others are doing…

Just get it out.

Test it out in the market place

And never forget that it all starts with who you want to be…

And everyday, show up and BE YOU!

Fulfillment lies this way.

Success lies this way.

Wealth lies this way.

So get on board and get to work.

Whatever your product or service, tap into the awesomeness of you and get to work.

And if you finally recognize that bum-kicking is what you need, if you see that daily ‘do the work’ wisdom will keep you on the straight and narrow headed towards your own success, If you know you can do with learning the tactics of business but then just have the space to ask any questions while going about being you and selling a whole lot of stuff is what you want then jump on board the DM fast track program.

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