There are 2 parts of you…

? The practical part

? The spirit-driven part

The practical part is all about taking care of your physical reality, earning money and doing whatever you need to do to look after your responsibilities

The spirit-driven part of you wants connection with your source, a deep rich spiritual life that feels fulfilling, joyous and love-drenched (and if you are religious, you might even be trying to avoid hell)

You think these parts of you have to be separated…

You may not even be all that conscious of it

You try quite hard to present the practical part of you to the business world. 

You do not want to jeopardise that paycheque.

Again, you do not do this consciously, you just think it is the reasonable thing to do and as everyone around you does it too, you think it is smart.

You present your spiritual side to your spiritual friends and those that look to you for leadership away from the business world…

You would ideally like to create a life where you are profitably doing what you do to support your ‘outside of the business world’ friends…

You dream of it; Waking up and getting to change a few lives while somehow making money and living an awesome freedom lifestyle.

You have even dabbled at online business using the skills, experiences and strengths you would use with the spiritual people who want to learn from you

Maybe you even used a fake name so no one knew you.

You can see the potential that an online business has to reach lots of people so your practical side does want in on it…

I did that ages ago…

I started a bible teaching website with the hope of starting spiritual empowerment coaching (and all the things I am doing now).

I did it under a different name because I wanted to keep my more practical side separate from my spiritual side…

I had this vague hope that it would just take off, if it was of God.

And that I could THEN come out of the closet fully and be my WHOLE spiritual and practical self, having found a way to pay my bills with this ‘secret’ idea.


Like you, the pervading belief was that it is impossible to do the real work I want to do and make money and I was not even sure really that I was allowed to make money in my purpose-driven work.  I believed I had to do all that stuff for free, like I already did at church.

And so, I was just dabbling really…

Same as you.

Because the fear, faulty beliefs and self-doubt have a lot more control than you realise.


Not only is your practical side kinda ashamed of your spiritual side…

Your spiritual side is ALSO ashamed of your practical need to make money!

And so…

When you see me talking about $5k / £3k months, you react with outrage!

“How can this spiritual person be all about the money?!” you subconsciously or very CONSCIOUSLY think…

“I am not opening THAT email that has $5k in the title, I don’t care about money as much as she does! How could she belittle herself in that way? She is just chasing money”

It must be a scam, you tell yourself

Again, you are not always conscious of this, of course…

You just think you are being reasonable and logical and also quite holy.

But you forget that the only reason why you are in a job/career that you do not adore is BECAUSE OF MONEY!

And it is LITERALLY the only reason!

If you won the lottery today, you would quit that job/business/career and start doing your purpose work (After a great holiday to recover from having been so trapped for so long, of course!)

So, really, you can dress it up however you like but you are very money-motivated.

And until you truly, deeply face that reality

The reality that you are a lot more money-motivated than you think, you will continually hold yourself back from creating a life that feels awesome ALL THE TIME.

You believe your source is your job/business/career, even though you can reel off spiritual-ese forever about trusting the Divine…

And while that remains true for you, you will be controlled by fear

And you will struggle to do more than dabble at doing your purpose-work.

And you will keep handing out judgments about highly-successful spiritual people who have handled their own inner craziness and who realise that both the spiritual and practical can work together WHEN YOU LET THEM!

And in making the judgments about them, you limit yourself because how can you ever allow yourself to be so bad as to use your own skills, strengths and experiences to build a spiritual online business that MAKES YOU MONEY?!!!!

Oh my goodness, you would be a bad person like all those ones you are judging

So, consciously or unconsciously, you play small.

All very fascinating to watch…

I did it all too so I definitely do not judge you

I just wish you would wake up

Because the world needs your specific skillset

Your experiences are not to be wasted

Your strengths could change more lives than you are allowing yourself to do, at the moment…

And mostly, because I see you…

You do feel trapped.

You KNOW you are born for more…

You know you are the MESSENGER OF LIGHT






HISTORY MAKER that I speak to…


And yet, you hold back…

So torn inside between going all in, allowing yourself to really truly consider that you could have the life you envision AND staying safe in this ‘known but very limited’ life experience.


But the Divine will not force your hand

So, you can keep telling yourself the same old stories about being practical and logical and reasonable and sensible

Or you could DECIDE to make it work NOW not some distant time in the future when you think everything will somehow be better.


You will just be more buried in a life that dissatisfies you

and you deserve better

You literally are worthy of the best of everything and it is fascinating but unfortunate to see you holding back from it


It closes today in a few hours

I would love to who you how to use your skills, experiences and strengths to make at least $5k or £3k a month online

I would love to show you that you can be your Divine self and very very wealthy

I do not promise that it will feel easy at the start

But I promise you that if you stay the course, you will create a freedom life that feels easy because you have now owned your true design.

And I also promise to walk it out with you for as long as you make the decision to work with me.

I am called to you, my love…

And you are called to change lives

And you can be wealthy while doing it.


Much Amazing Love

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