It is time to fighting your own awesome self.

It is time to stop being your own worst enemy

You are in the perfect place now to truly prosper, if you will let it happen.

The thing I have seen in clients and in myself (before I got my act together), is that you can take yourself right up to the edge of your breakthrough in relationships, money, health and then, as though by some dark form of magic, you…

🔴 pull back

🔴 mess up

🔴 get sick

🔴 get caught up in some relative’s drama

🔴 have an argument with the boss at work and find yourself passed over for promotion

🔴 or have an argument with the partner at home and somehow find yourself caught up in separation proceedings

🔴 jump into bed with the WORST POSSIBLE bedfellow and find yourself feeling stupid and too focused on this latest mistake to do anything to push yourself forward anymore

🔴 claim to not have the money for that thing that you know you need to do but somehow, you just don’t do it

🔴 claim to have tried everything and there is just no point trying anymore and quit just before your breakthrough…

🔴 decide to check in one more time with the Divine or your spiritual leader to be ABSOLUTELY sure that it is right for you to have this thing and then somehow, convince yourself that it is not divine timing or continue to fast and pray INDEFINITELY!

or some other something, something happens.

And if you do manage to breakthrough to that great relationship, those great clients or whatever it is that you desire, you…

🔴 get scared and stall which means you then get to start all over again when you finally manage to get over yourself and MOVE!

🔴 manage to systematically break the whole thing, for what seem to be GREAT sounding reasons (in your own head!)

Whichever way, it is like you cannot allow yourself to prosper

It is like you do not believe you are worth it.

It is like you do not believe you deserve it

It is like you are worried that it will be taken away if you do get it.

Though I KNOW you are not thinking about it that way because you are still caught up in believing that it is outside of your control or that it just proves how incompetent you are.

None of those ideas are true.

But people go a whole lifetime while telling themselves those silly stories.

Are you done yet?

Are you ready to thrive yet?


This bootcamp is for anyone in this community who considers themself to be a driven and determined spiritual person who knows they are meant for more but find themselves stifled by self-doubt and low self-esteem.

You already know if it is you.

Go now to

Read through the page and join in now. There is no more time to keep living the wrong life for you.

Be part of the DELIBERATE CONFIDENCE revolution.  It starts Monday, 29th March.  I cannot wait to do life with you.

Much Amazing Love

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