I once had a client who thought she had to get everything right before she could even try to talk to the Divine.

She had been trying to fix herself, trying to jump through every hoop, trying to do it ‘all’ perfectly before leaning into love.

Of course, it did not work.

She was getting more and more muddled up.

Staying in situations, she did not need to be staying in because she thought the Divine would want her to love the person, even though it was hurting her.

She had this underlying belief that she just was not good enough.

Not worthy enough.

Not trying hard enough.

And she just kept trying and trying and trying to fix herself until she met me.

Do you do that?

Maybe, you even draw close to the Divine but then take yourself off to fix yourself before you allow yourself to get too intimate with this super-holy being that is sooooooooo much higher than you, or so you perceive it.


YOu are not supposed to do life alone.

You cannot raise your energy levels high enough to experience peace and plenty alone.

You cannot separate from love and somehow, try to make life work.

It just cannot work that way.

And as awesome as all the personal development, spiritual growth tools and rituals are, they really are not designed to work in isolation.

You need to connect to your power source – THE DIVINE (or whatever name you have for the Source of all)

And you need to accept who you are, RIGHT NOW so that you stop trying to fix you first.


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Much Amazing Love

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