You don’t know where to start?!

YOu don't know where to start?!

Oh for goodness sake!!!

You don’t know where to start?!!

You feel overwhelmed with all the information you keep gathering but doing nothing with?

You keep asking and asking and waiting for someone, some magical person to tell you how to get from zero to hero in one freaking move?

Well, honey, it ain’t happening!

You have to get off the sidelines and get into the court and start doing the work.

That is it!

That is the simple answer to your question.

But yet, you want something else, right?

You think there is some other hidden answer that everyone else knows except you…

So you keep searching it out, getting more and more overladen with information and still the action side of things is at an all time low.

I mean, really?!

Do you think you will read yourself to success?

I must admit, the fact that I read is a huge key to my success but if I read and read and do nothing else of service to someone else then I would be broke.

You are almost at the starting line and yet, you keep dithering…

You keep waiting for the perfect answer…

You keep standing still and wondering why nothing changes…

Get up and do something, ANYTHING!

Take some kind of an action…

And no, doing the same thing you have always done is not going to get you where you want to go.

So if you want out of that job, just doing more work on the job is not going to help you…

If you want to build an empire and you keep avoiding doing the work in huge quantities, you keep avoiding getting people to help you build something, then honey, you will stay small potatoes…

If you say you want to build a business but then all you spend your days doing is scrolling through your Facebook feed instead of getting to work then again, honey, you will not get anywhere fast.

And if you know you need support and you keep trying to avoid investing in yourself, and so spend all your time trying to get free answers from people who are buckling down and doing the work then again, you are having a laugh!

Nothing is going to change!

And maybe it all sounds so bleak at the moment as I spew out my frustration with myself and the world but the great awesome, amazing thing is that…

You are a creator

Everything changes the moment you decide it does.

It is as simple as a flick of the switch.

You wake up and you take an action – I don’t even care what action because the first action always opens the door to the next one.

All the time, I see people wanting to take ONE giant leap into their awesome success instead of just getting on with the small little things they can do immediately. In fact, they stop seeing the little things because their eyes are searching for some kind of giant, magic leap and honey, that does not happen.


It all starts with the next step.

It all starts with one little tiny step that may even be too boring to consider.

It might seem too simple to be the thing you need to do and yet, it is.

You take that single small step and then the next one and then the next one and you keep doing that even when you are just not sure that it will ever work.

If it is certainty you are looking for on this journey to success, you are on the wrong road… go get a job.

But if it is fulfilment, purpose, wealth beyond what you think is currently possible, then let’s begin…

With the next small step.

This is not a journey you take alone unless you are determined to make it harder because yes, it does feel tough at times, you get stuck in your head and you forget to just keep walking and that is why you need a posse around you, a coach and mentor to ask questions, daily inspiration, daily motivation and DAILY ‘kick-up-the-butts’, and also, the tips, tricks, strategies that make the work a little easier and that is where the Deliberate Millionaire fast track group comes in.

Find out more about this awesome group and come join us –

Or join me this evening on a call where I will tell you how to get to 6 figures in 6 months and give you more detail on how to deliberately create the life and business that you want.

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