You are bound up…





By the rules, the ‘shoulds’, the ‘this is just the way it is done’s


You think you are free from that stuff but you are not

You think you are your own person but you are not

You think you are doing everything you can to live a great life


Because you cannot even fathom that there is a different way to think

You really do believe that YOUR way is the ONLY way

These limiting patterns of thought and behaviour are so COMPLETELY EMBEDDED within you, you do not even realise what you are doing.

You don’t see what needs to be questioned and so you feel frustrated because no matter how hard you try, you remain stuck in place.

And because you are more ambitious, hard-working and successful than most around you, you just cannot understand why you are not reaching your goals

It is because you are sabotaging yourself.

Your limiting ideas of what can or cannot be done cause you to behave in a limited fashion – It is like the lady who was brought up by a raging alcoholic father who vows never to be with an alcoholic but somehow manages to find the ONE alcoholic husband in the whole town and then finally manages to divorce him, only to find and MARRY ANOTHER alcoholic man, with more abusive tendencies. She is, of course, convinced that it is the men’s fault and she just cannot understand why she keeps attracting and marrying them. She feels cursed and she is sure the Divine is punishing her and so she divorces the latest crazy husband and somehow manages to find a THIRD alcoholic wastrel.

We can all see that something is not quite right about this but she can’t see her part in it. She thinks she has no choice, she thinks it is happening to her.  She can’t understand why she is suffering like this, she is a good person, she just wants to love someone etc etc etc and yet, it just keeps happening…

In the same way, your behaviours seem normal to you so you do not see how you get in your own way

And your behaviours keep taking you to the same old, same old results which frustrate you because you KNOW you are capable of and MEANT FOR more

You then accuse yourself of procrastination and being lazy or just not good enough (You are not one of those who would blame other people or circumstances though sometimes, you do find yourself wondering if you are cursed by the Divine or something)…

Actually, you are being controlled by flawed patterns of thought that you just cannot see!

Are you done yet?

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