Let me get straight into this…

Only the poor think that acting like the rich means you spend like a crazy person

Only the poor think that you need lots of money to make any money

Only the poor think that you can get rich without providing a useful service to your fellow humans

Only the poor spend lots of time judging the rich who they consider to be in some way evil for having the wisdom to create wealth.

Only the poor whine about the rich getting richer while they do not notice that they have as much opportunity as anyone else to do something different.

Let me be clear – The useful service the rich provide to their fellow humans may well be something you do not care for but obviously, enough people in the world care for it or else the rich would not be rich.

Money is created in service – it don’t matter what that service is.

And you can choose to sit around judging others for working a law that you can also choose to work, if you were not so caught up in being judgmental and trying to pretend to be too spiritual to care about having material things.

It just seems like a crazy waste of time and energy when you could be using both to create the wealth you truly desire.

But hey, as you are the master of time, you have the authority to do whatever you like with your time.

I actually started this with the intention only to speak about the fact that money is not a prerequisite for creating money.

You have probably heard the suggestion that to create wealth, you need to act as though you are rich and wealthy.  And maybe, if you are a sensible person, you tell yourself that that is just impossible because you assume that to act rich means to spend money you physically do not have.

And that is the fallacy I really want to bring your attention to.

If the rich spent like you assume they do, then they would not be rich.  Only the poor find ways to get rid of their money almost as soon as it comes in.  So scared are they of it being taken by taxes or some scam or of never having enough or whatever underlying crazy story they are choosing not to face, that money does not find a good home with them and it gets out of there ASAP!

Acting rich is an inside job FIRSTLY.

✅ A deep certainty that your every need will be provided and that there is always more where that came from (Yes, you can create this feeling and trust without physical money)

✅ A deep certainty and confidence that you can create whatever you desire in life

✅ A commitment to service & making a difference to more and more people

✅ A commitment to being fairly compensated for that service

✅ A commitment to learning how to manage money as it arrives, without getting obsessive about it

✅ A love for money itself as well as the goodies money can buy – you will never have enough of whatever you pretend to hate because you think you are too ‘spiritual’ and ‘good’ to want all of that

✅ A willingness to see & heal your shadow side when it comes to money so that you stop getting rid of it so quickly

None of the above costs ANY MONEY AT ALL.

And yet, will you do it?

Or will you keep telling yourself the story that you are stuck and have no choice but to settle for a life you do not love?

Honey, you are believing a lot of lies that keep you trapped in a life you do not love

You are so immersed in those lies that you do not see them any longer.

I have created a space for you – The Deliberate Millionaires’ Incubator

It is a space for driven spiritual people who know they are meant for more but feel stifled by doubt, fear and limiting stories.

I strongly recommend you join in because the only way you will ever change your life and create more prosperity is by changing what you are immersed in.

Right now, the way you think is the way you think and you think that it is normal and you also think that there is no other way to think

But if you keep thinking the way you are thinking, you will keep getting the results you are getting.

You may need to read that a few more times.

If you want something to change in your life, then YOU NEED TO CHANGE.

And it all starts within.

Come into the DM Incubator now and begin to immerse yourself in empowered wisdom that will lead to massive change.

GEt all the details at https://mibusiness.lpages.co/deliberatemillionaire

Much Amazing Love


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