You do not have to fix everything in order to create riches in your business & life.

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Fix everything, richesYes, some of your relationships are rubbish.

I get it.

Yes, no one understands you.

I get it.

Yes, you have given up your life to look after other people’s needs.

I get it.

Question – When does this stop?

When do you wake up and decide that enough is enough?

When you are 40?




Is that when you realize that you have messed up? Is that when you realize that you never ever had to live for everyone else in the world and completely forget your own needs?

I am feeling fired up by this because this weekend I have spent a lot of time crying, figuring out why I felt so annoyed, figuring out why I was still so affected by relationships in my life that did not seem to be going so well.

And I decided I was done with it.

Maybe, I am not really done yet as I am sitting here writing this post and as my lovely, wise sister pointed out…

‘you keep saying you do not care, but it is obviously not true’

And yes, I do care. I care a lot. As I said yesterday in my last post, I have spent my whole life trying to be accepted by people who did not accept me and finally I have decided it is done.

I look back at those years with regret!


Me, deliberate millionaire, me – I look back with regret at all the time I wasted having internal battles as I tried to be what ‘they’ wanted me to be while still asserting myself.

I never did either of them very well.

‘They’ thought I was selfish and disagreeable.

I thought I was selfish, wrong and guilty for wanting to be, do, have what I wanted…

And so, no one really got what they wanted.


And maybe, you have confusing relationships with your family, long time friends, partner and you feel you should try to fix them, you feel you should try to figure it all out, you want everything to work out.

And yet, you have been trying to get these relationships to do that for ages now and still nothing is working.



Listen to me!


Listen to me loud and clear right now…




You are not going to fix it by trying to fix it.




No one is ready to fix it or else it would already be fixed.

It is time to look AWAY from that mess and FOCUS on creating a life and business that you want.

How much more time are you going to spend fixing relationships that can not be fixed? How much longer are you going to put what you want to do on hold in order to appease people who are also trying to figure stuff out? How long will you allow this situation to manipulate you?


Some things are just not ready to be fixed and that is just okay.

You do not have to fix it, I say again.

Maybe, time will heal it. Maybe, you need to grow up some before it can be fixed because the truth is, that the thinking that got you into this mess is not going to get you out of it so maybe, just maybe, you need to let it all go and allow time to give you the wisdom and a more up-leveled thinking.

With that new wisdom and thinking, you may have the exact thing you need to fix the relationship. So in the meantime, focus on creating wealth, on building other relationships as they cross your path and on being your very best self.

I know you want to fix it. I know you think you SHOULD fix it.

But come on, how long are you going to bang your head against a brick wall before you realize it is not budging? And you know the relationship I am talking about, don’t you?

It is time just to let it go.

You are okay! – feeling guilty about it is not going to fix it.

Let it go.

You can let it go with a prayer but it is time to drop the drama, leave the whole crazy situation alone and get on with your life.

I am talking as much to myself as I am talking to you – I keep trying to fix these relationships or bring them back to the expected standard but I cannot and I am fed up of trying now.

Not in a ‘give up forever’ kind of way but more in a ‘let go, Let God’ kinda way.

It is time to focus on my purpose even more than I have to date.

And it is your time too.

You know you have kept putting things on hold as you tried to maintain relationships that would not be maintained. You have felt your life force draining but you have convinced yourself that you need to put yourself last and finally, surely you are ready to see that it is time to let it all go. You may even have allowed yourself to be manipulated by guilt and fear about what would happen if you did not fix things and again, your life force has drained as you tried to take care of them.

It is enough.

You do not have to figure it out any longer.

It is what it is.

You just need to be done with it, let go of the drama (it has given you meaning for so long but you can let it go now) and move forward.

Your powerful self is ready to break free.

Your powerful, wealthy self is on a mission and you have delayed it too long trying to fix things that would not be fixed. It is your time now.

Your time to make a difference, get rich starting now.

You ready?

Fight for, create the life, the business you want.

Kind Regards


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