Do you really believe that?

Do you really believe that you deserve to prosper?

Or are you still trying to earn your right to your vision?

Are you still trying to prove yourself worthy?

Or have you given up on ever getting there?

AWAKEN, my love.

Your vision is truly your permission and even though it may not have materialised in the way you hoped it would do, by now, you still get to have the vision if you will stay the course of creating it.

Whether you feel it or not, the entire universe is backing you up.

You simply need to make yourself available.

There is clearing work to be done.

You need to commit to this.

Layers and layers of nonsense that needs to be removed and it is not as complicated as you think. It is just that as things begin to get cleared, the layers feel fear, they feel like they are dying and that converts to a sense of hopelessness within you.

The hopelessness feels so real that you get taken in by it and begin to believe that you will never reach the vision and so you start and stop going towards it.

AWAKEN, my love.

The vision is yours by divine right if you will hold firm and stand your ground.


Simply, easily, listen to the programs.

Let them minister healing to you and you will gently, gently, feel the layers lifting off and leaving.

You will experience greater clarity of mind.

You will experience greater motivation and enthusiasm for designing and creating your TRUE DESIGN life.

You will leave behind the pain and the limiting beliefs of the past.

You will rise victorious in your true design life.

Come start your immersion now in the ABUNDANCE LIBRARY –

You do deserve to prosper.

Do not be taken in by the false parts of you that are scared to be changed and transformed.


Much Amazing Love

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