You Create More Of What You Focus On – Focus On Creating Wealth In All Areas

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Create more of what you focus on

Who are you today?

Who do you choose to be?

Someone who attracts wealth and riches?

Or someone who settles for whatever they can get and so therefore creates more lack?

I keep telling you this and I will keep telling you that where your focus goes, your results show.

I know this has been a reality for far too long in my life as I focused on all the lack, all the fear that I will never make it, all the doubts about whether I have what it takes and so I created more of the same day by day by day.

And I THOUGHT I was doing all I could to get away from it.

But because my focus was always taken by the drama and tragedy of it, I could not seem to escape it.

My actions were all about managing my reality rather than creating a new reality.

I was all about surviving, not thriving.

And the same thing keeps playing out with you.

Wherever you focus, that is what you create more of.  And you can see it for a fact, can’t you?

Because right now, you know that whatever is showing up in your life is a result of where you have placed your focus and I know that it is really tough to stop thinking about what seems to be all you can see and yet, you cannot create something different by focusing on the thing you no longer want.

You must change your focus!

You must choose to see yourself as different from the person who created this mess.  And instead, get a clear picture of what you do want and place that firmly in your focus.  Start to see that picture more clearly as you develop it in your mind, start to ask yourself what you would be doing now that you are a person who easily creates wealth in all areas of your life.  Start to take action on those inspired thoughts.

Watch your results change.

This does not only apply to money and financial freedom.

You may already have money, just not in the way that you want it.

Or maybe you have money but no peace of mind and/or no relationships and/or a lack of energy…

Then the same applies to you.

You must change your focus and on a very practical level, you must change your daily habits.

The habits, the focus that got you here will keep you here if you let it.  So yes, you can spend all your time thinking about what you don’t have and wishing that your life was different or you can start to see yourself as someone who creates different results.

Recently, I managed to get my head into a weird place about my weight.

So, I am not obese or anything but I noticed that I was putting a few more pounds than I wanted to and then I started to spiral down into thinking that I am fat.  I started looking at myself in the mirror and I would hear the words in my head saying that I am fat, ugly and generally yukky.  It became all that I seemed to focus on and guess what, the scales did not start to go down, they started to go up.

Because in beating myself up about putting on weight, I was reinforcing the ‘putting on weight’ thing.  That became my focus.  I almost felt resigned to being fat – It began to feel like I had no choice in the matter.

And then I caught myself!

And I realised again what I already knew.

You cannot focus on the thing you do not want and create the thing you do want.  It is impossible.  Your subconscious gets confused.  It is wondering “Are you telling me that you want this thing you keep focusing on? or are you telling me you don’t?” – It then goes with best guess and you find yourself doing exactly the things you need not be doing.

Crazy, I know but for the most part, you can be pretty passive so if you do not get pretty darned deliberate about where your power is going, you powerfully create exactly what you do not want.

Because you are a creator, whether you like what you create or you don’t.

You are creating in every moment of every day.  Some things you create immediately and others take some time to show up but always, you are creating.

And so, if you do want to live a life that you positively adore, you have to deliberately create it.  It does not just happen!  When you think about it, really think about it, it is pretty scary what we all create as a collection of human beings.  We go through life thinking that we do not affect each other and the planet on which we live, but we do.

And now, as a deliberate millionaire leader, you can choose to get pretty darned conscious and begin to turn the tide of results in your life.

Start by believing you are even more powerful than you realise.  You already see the power of you in your life so now direct it in your favour.  As I write this, I know there are some of you reading it thinking you are above all this, you think you have it made, you know your power but you still do not understand how weak you are being in certain areas of your life.

Because you are getting the accolades from people who see the parts of you that you are happy to show the world, you refuse to see where you are being weak and passive.  And so in the hidden parts of your life, the results are rubbish and you know it.  You are not living the life you could be living and it is such a pity.

But ultimately, it is your choice.

You have the choice to create wealth and success in all areas or you can settle for being okay.

Today, choose to focus on what you do want in every single area of your life.  Write it out and visualize who you are being, what you are doing and all that you have when things are exactly as you want them.  Become that person that creates all of it and begin to take different action, create different habits.

No, it will not be easy at the start but give it time, deliberately choose every conscious moment of every day to keep your focus on what you want to be, do, have and see it all come to life.

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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