You could try to be normal

You could try to be normal

Do you ever wish you could wake up and just be ‘normal’?

I do…

I think I want to be the ‘normal’ person that rolls over in bed and looks out the window and does NOTHING! For them, life is just a mass of repeated, boring, hard slog days and who wants to step into that sorry existence too quickly? After all, they have no choice in the matter, they gotta pay the bills. It is alright to dream of easily creating wealth, it is another thing to wake up and face each day and do the work to create it.

I think I want to be the ‘normal’ person who has nothing to say and tells herself “I just need to wait for inspiration”. After all, while I am waiting, I could pretend to get on with all kinds of busy work that make absolutely no difference to anyone but makes me feel like I am working hard.

I think I want to be the regular Joe that waits for others to tell me what to do before I do anything. Who wants to keep taking responsibility for their own results? If someone else tells me what to do, I can blame them if it all goes wrong, right?

I think I want to be the ‘normal’ person who looks at other successful people and judges them for this or that. Again, as I spend all that time looking at them and judging them for what I ‘think’ they must have done in order to get wealthy, I can deceive myself into thinking my life is not wasting away in front of my eyes.

I think I want to be the regular Mum who lives just for her kids so I can live vicariously through them. I never have to get my hands dirty, I can just tell them what to do. And then I can look proudly on as they rise to greatness, knowing it was because I brought them up right. So what, if deep inside, I feel bitter that I never found the time to live my own life?

I think I want to be the regular wife who irons socks for her husband and spends her time making him feel good. After all, behind every successful man is a good woman. And I am supposed to be submissive and obedient, RIGHT? I could convince myself that I am doing the right thing as I deny my own ideas, my own plans, my own identity and just allow him to define me.

I think I want to be able to tell myself that I am just being proud. I think I want to deny the feeling inside of me that tells me time and time again that I am called to something amazing and powerful. I want to deny the fact that I am a leader because that comes with all kinds of responsibilities that I do not think I want to take on. I want to keep pretending it is all my ego. I want to be able to shut up and let others speak. After all, I am only a little woman and I need to be seen and not heard.

It would be so easy if we could just be ‘normal’…

If we could just not care to get any kind of a message out because on some days, it just feels HARD!

Hard to express myself.

Hard to put myself on display.

Hard to speak my truth and wonder if anyone cares anyway.

I feel crazy, I feel egotistical for thinking that what I have to say is necessary for anyone to hear and yet, there is a weird compulsion within me to speak anyway.

To keep yelling even if no-one is listening.

To keep writing, speaking, singing because ultimately I must.

I could stop and pretend to be normal, I suppose.

I could just be a regular Joe.

But then, what the hell is the point of being alive if I cannot explore being everything that I feel I am inside?



And yes, some days it feels hard to keep expanding.

To keep BEcoming…

And yet, I must!


And so I will.

Fight for, create the life and business you want – Stop living the one you don’t

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