We all default to manipulating the physical situation when there is a problem.

We work on it.

Focus on it.

Debate about it.

Get angry about it.

Work harder on it.

And maybe, we achieve a few changes here and there but then it pops up again in a slightly different way.

And so then, after a few turns around this merry-go-round, most people try to live with it because they feel powerless to change it.

And all the while, the answer was to change your inner beliefs, thoughts, ideas so that you stop creating the same situations all the time because ultimately, you are the authority on your life and you do create your own reality from within.

However, that sounds silly.

That sounds like someone is just trying to avoid the facts.

That sounds like spiritual hogwash.

You want facts, proof, figures.

And even though you consider yourself a spiritual person, there is a part of you that still defaults to living like most of the population because it seems logical and reasonable to think that you fix problems by fixing problems.

I understand.

It does make sense to my scientifically trained mind.

And yet, I know now that you can’t change anything about your outer world, until you change the landscape in your inner world.

You can manipulate it a little bit, I guess, and just push the problem a bit further along your timeline.  At which point, it will reappear again, looking slightly different and you can blindly go through the whole process again and try to ignore your growing frustration.

You can try to force people to do what you want them to do, with fear, yelling, nagging or some other form of subtle coercion and again, you just keep coming back to the same issue with other people or lose everyone as they get fed up of all your manipulating ways.

You can yell at God or lose all faith in a higher power of any sort and then still find yourself feeling abandoned and facing into the same old, same old issues.

Or you can recognize that you are creating your own reality from within and choose to adjust your inner thoughts, feelings, beliefs, energy.  You can choose to heal.

Yes, I KNOW it sounds crazy.

But hey ho, there you go.

The choice is yours.

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Much Amazing Love

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