Either you are going for the higher things.

Or you are going for the lower things.

Either you are expanding or you are contracting.

You are always moving. You cannot stop that.

The direction is up to you.

So many times, when potential clients come to enquire about working with me, I see them trying so hard to hold on to their old life while at the same time, claiming to want a more expanded life.

They want the same friends.

They want to keep being involved in the same dramas because they don’t want to seem callous, proud & uncaring.

They want to use their time in the same way.

They want me to listen to their stories and lament with them while also promising ease before freedom

They want to stay comfortable in their currently uncomfortable (but familiar) life.

And they are hoping that by using a few tricks or tips, then their whole life will SWIFTLY transform into their dream life.

I disabuse them of this notion swiftly and bluntly.

This deliberate life does demand EVERYTHING (and in theory, as you ain’t liking what you are currently giving your life for, then that should be no problem but surprisingly, it is a problem for most people)

The ones who go on to be clients, are the ones who hear me and realise QUICKLY that you have to go ALL IN.

The ones who REMAIN clients are also the ones who realise that this is a LIFESTYLE, not some ‘pick and mix’ kind of affair where you can do a bit of expanding and a bit of staying the same and somehow get ANYWHERE!

As I said yesterday on a coaching call, YOU GOTTA BE BORN AGAIN!

You cannot hold onto the lower while straining towards the higher.

You just can’t.

I mean, think about it.

You are being pulled in 2 directions – You are literally torturing yourself.  I have the impression of those torturing devices you see in medieval movies where a person’s right arm and leg are pulled away from their left arm and leg until they surrender or die.

That is literally what happens to lot of people who dabble at this whole deliberate life design. They die trying but never getting there (and this is after years & years of torturing themselves with being half-in-half-out) or they surrender, quit, roll over and go back to doing life their old way while moaning about how they tried EVERYTHING and NOTHING worked for them.

It is a lie.

They dabbled, like I used to do pre-children.

Pretending to want change but refusing to ACTUALLY change.

Wanting the Divine to support them in changing things but then running scared when the very things they do not want, start to be removed.

Starting on the journey but then, forgetting their true focus and getting dragged into EVERY SINGLE people drama going on around them or telling themselves that they need God’s approval first or some more healing first.

Even Jesus said to ‘leave the dead to look after the dead and come follow me’ but so many peeps try to have their feet in both camps and wonder why nothing changes.

AWAKEN, my love.

This is your ONE LIFE and it could be a glorious affair, if you would CHOOSE to get over your fear and doubt and DECIDE to fully commit to going all in on the DM LIFESTYLE so that you rediscover your powerful self.

If you would go all in on seeking the kingdom, all the stuff you are hanging desperately onto would be given you in greater measure but you keep trying to hold on to some painful halfway house.


Stop trying to pick and mix your way through life. It ain’t gonna work.


Or just give up now.

The choice is yours.

And if you are truly ready to go all the way in, you best come get a copy of my brand new book -The Deliberate Millionaire’s CONFIDENCE Book

Get on the DM path to peace and plenty and freaking STAY ON IT!

Again, this is a lifestyle, not a pick & mix affair.

You can have all that you truly desire but you need to commit from the inside out

This will help you, if you are committed to a free, fulfilled, financially abundant and love-drenched life.

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Much Amazing Love


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