If you actively hate parts of your body, you can be sure it is not going anywhere and it will just keep getting worse.

If you actively hate your job, then you can be sure that you will simply swap it for another hated one or you will feel so trapped in yoru current one that you will not even see another way forward.

If you actively hate the relationship you are in, you can be sure that even if you do manage to get rid of your current partner, you will crazily choose another relationship situation that ends up the same.

Ultimately, there is ABSOLUTELY no way to hate anything to death

The very act of hate is a focus of energy on the undesired situation

A very magnetic energy.

It will continue to draw the very same situations into your life – Different faces, same underlying issues.

the only way to break free is via love.

If you want to change your body shape, love your body.

If you want to change your job, love your job.

If you want to be loved, love the current relationship.

Loving something does not mean you have to keep it.

YOu just neutralize the very magnetic charge you have around it so that you stop attracting more of the same to yourself.

It is not the way of the world.

It seems counter-intuitive.

And yet, love is the pathway to permanent change.

Yes, you can run run RUN away from what you do not want but the moment, you relax the pressure, you will be snapped right back to where you ran from.

It is like you have an elastic band around you and the thing you no longer desire.  There you are, continually pushing against the elastic band, trying to get away and you travel so far but it gets harder and harder and harder as the elastic band gets more and more taut.

And then, one day, you decide to take a quick nap as the pressure is so intense and wham!!!! you are right back at the start!

And each time, you try to get away and get snapped back, your self-doubt grows until you get to the point where it just seems so pointless to keep trying and so you give up and join the many, many adults who are convinced that this is just the way they are and just the way life is and you had better just get used to it.

Or you can apply love.

Reconnect with the Divine – your one true source

Stop blaming and punishing and hating on yourself and the various parts of your life that you no longer desire

Recognise that you created this and so you can create ‘that’

Take responsibility for it – this is not the same as blaming or shaming yourself.

Allow Divine love to flow freely through you onto each situation in your life

See that it is just ONE of the limitless possibilities available to you. Feel the energy behind the situation. Love on it. Be grateful for it. Even be slightly amused by the situation.

Then take a look at the menu of life and pick another possibility.

And then, very deliberately, choose again.

Become the person, with Divine’s support, that creates that new life situation.

With love in hand, dissolve ties to the old situation – This is internal work to begin with.

Yes, there will be action to take, for sure but it will be obvious to the person who creates the new life situation whereas if you keep acting from hate of the old situation, you can be sure that you will just keep behaving in a way that keeps the old situation recycling.

Connect to the Divine

Clarify your desire

Clear the ties that hold you to the old one

Be the person who wins

Act as that person




Until you look around and see that your physical life is even better than the one you created within you.

YOu may read that and think that it is just the same as what you are doing.

But if you are like most people on the planet who start with the ‘DOING’, rather than the ‘BEING’, you already know that that just gives you the same old, same old results.  It is like you are running fast to get back to the very place you were running away from – Ever heard of the rat race or seen a hamster playing on a wheel in a cage.  Oh how fast they run to get nowhere.

Surely, you are done with that.

Fall in love with the Divine

Fall in love with yourself.

This is the way to true, lasting prosperity in all areas of life.

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Much Amazing Love

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