You are so used to life being difficult, aren’t you?

And so the whole concept that it could become easy and relaxed is great, but it is hard to get your head around.

Life is a struggle, isn’t it?  And you are so willing to get in the fray and make stuff happen but your thinking is making it a struggle forever.

And it does not have to be.

Yes, we work hard – That is right and you are no stranger to the hard work.

However, to believe that life ALWAYS has to be a struggle if you are doing it right…

Now that I do not ascribe to.

I did ascribe to it for the longest time and at times, I find myself back in the struggle zone in my head as I forget time and time again that if I keep expecting it all to be a struggle then I will have exactly that – A permanent struggle.

When you expect struggle, you spend your days waiting for something horrid to happen.

You anticipate trials before they even become yours.

And you are kinda more at ease when you are in struggle.

I mean, you already created it in your head anyway so when it shows up in the flesh, you are resigned to it.

And it just feels too good to be true that life could just be happy.

In fact when it is happy for too long, you are waiting, waiting, waiting for something terrible to happen.

But all that time, you spent anticipating it, could have been time you spent in other pursuits.  You have only so much energy, you know and when you spend all of it in fear, self doubt, wondering when it is all going to fall down around you, then you are not creating.

Your whole life becomes a reaction to one imagined drama or the other.

And yes, you are strong enough to deal with it all but why not BE HERE IN THIS PRESENT MOMENT?

Instead of OVER THERE in your future nightmare.

Right here, you could create a different vision of your future…

Right here, you could be happy and content and building up your strength…

Right here, you could be enjoying life moment by moment and learning how to be a more powerful creator of the life you do want.

You are allowed you know just to have fun and enjoy life!

You have already met those people who seem to attract drama after drama after drama and you do wonder why they seem to thrive on this and you can see ever so clearly how they do it to themselves.  And yet, you forget that you are a reflection and that the chances are that the reason you see it in another is because it is ever present in you…

That need to be living off adrenaline all the time…

It is a need you claim to hate and yet, even when there is no drama in your life, you create that adrenaline fuelled existence to help you feel alive, to help you feel as though you are significant, to help you feel needed.

Honey, it is time to let the drama go.

It is keeping you trapped in this tension-fille zone that is no fun whatsoever!

You are allowed to HAVE FUN with your life.

You are allowed to get all that you want with ease…

You are allowed to be happy ALL THE TIME!

Stop bringing the future potential craziness into your RIGHT NOW!

Let it come when it comes because you can deal with it anyway…

Why worry NOW?

For now, keep creating deliberately the life you do want.

Stop reacting to the life you don’t want that is not even here yet.

You ONLY ALWAYS get what you expect and you think it is just fate.

It is not…

You are drawing the nonsense to you, for some strange reason of your own.

Expect good!

Live as though everything GOOD is coming your way.

BE that person who expects lovely things and GETS THEM.

Enough with this adrenaline, negativity fuelled existence.

It is time to get rid of guilt…

It is time to get rid of anxiety…

It is time to rid yourself of that continuing internal tension…

It is time to choose peace in this moment…

It is time to breathe in life, abundance, joy…

It is okay to be happy all the time…

Nothing will break just because you are not worried about it…

If anything, you will do more awesome things as you actively create the life and the business you want.

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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