Sometimes, I find doing life with the people around me frustrating.

They don’t always get me

They don’t understand why I do the things I do, in the way that I do them.

They don’t understand why I can’t just settle down and stop being all uppity about certain things or not uppity enough about other things.

And I can see their eyes rolling around in their heads when I come up with one of my sayings or phrases or opinions

And yep, it is frustrating.

But I still speak up.

And in fact, in recent times, I have decided to speak up even more.


Because I am important and my needs matter.

My opinions matter.


And so, peeps around me gotta get even more used to hearing what I think & feel about things, in an even more UNAPOLOGETIC MANNER than ever before.

I am done with lying about who I am, in any way.

It is draining to try so hard to push the wildness of my inner crazy down all the time.

And frankly, I would rather use my energy for more useful pursuits, like creating my life, rather than continually defending myself.

The thing is, everyone has an inner crazy so I know I am not unique in this but to hear some people from my past talk to me, you would have thought I was so strange, flakey, scared of life and crazy, selfish, greedy and just plain old weird.

Those people are no longer in my world.  The more sure of myself I got, the more these people simply faded away.

These days, I just have to put up with a mild form of misunderstanding.

I can handle that, even if it is a little frustrating from time to time.

I speak my frustration and be done with it.

Honey, be done with hiding who you are.

Be done with trying to fit your glorious awesomeness into a very ill-fitting box.

Yes, you are different from most of those around you but so freaking what?!

Be bold about who you are.

Be BRAZEN about it.

Let those who are supposed to be doing life with you, come for the ride and the others can just fade away

Why would you want them around you anyway?

Stop trying soooo hard to be some paragon of love when you are hating on your own awesome self by putting yourself last all the time.


Listen, the revolution is beginning.

The DELIBERATE MILLIONAIRE REVOLUTION and I want you on board if you are that driven and determined spiritual person who KNOWS you are meant for more but feel stifled by self-doubt and lowered self-esteem.

It is time to regain the confidence to prosper in every area of life.

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