I am so thankful for time.

So thankful that I can wake up each morning and begin again.

So thankful for new year’s resolutions

So thankful for half-year resolutions

So thankful for every new moment

I do not have to bring the last moment into the current one

I can begin again

I can reinvent myself

I can be a new person

And so can you.

Each moment is a new moment

Do you really get that?


Whatever mistakes you believe you have made…

Whatever you have not yet done…

Whatever regrets you have about your life…

You can choose again NOW.

It is like starting at a new job or a new school, you can pretend that no one knows you and DECIDE again who you want to be, how you want to show up in the world and what you now choose to create.

Yes, I understand that some people may have something to say about this new reinvented version of you but surely you are fed up with living to satisfy all the people in your life anyway.


How do you want it to look?

What would you like this next 12 months to be like?

What difference would you like to bring to life?

It is all YOUR CHOICE.

You have all the choices – WHAT DO YOU NOW CHOOSE?

Let go of the hold the past has on you.

Let go of the old stories – AS I said yesterday, you no longer have to keep choosing your suffering-induced stories, YOU CAN CHOOSE AGAIN

Within you is the power of the Divine – the power to create so see your life now as a blank canvas and DECIDE what you want.

Then little step by little step, be the person

Go in the direction of all that you desire

Stop doing the things that you no longer enjoy doing

Start doing more of the things you would LOVE to do

There is no magic, my love

Or should I say, if there is any magic, it is in your decision to reinvent yourself

People wake up everyday and choose again how they want their life to look and SO CAN YOU

So right now, remember your dreams and instead of wallowing in regret and instead of lamenting the passage of time, CHOOSE NOW to do them

No sudden move required unless you feel called to them

JUST CHOOSE AGAIN that you are now a new creation


the choice is yours.

I would love to help.

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