You Can Leave, Honey. You Do Not Deserve To Be treated That Way

I get this impression of you and your partner, sitting at a dinner table with friends in a restaurant.

He is surreptitiously paying attention to all the other ladies in the restaurants and an invitation is made to him to meet them in the restrooms.

You are trying very hard to maintain an unbothered front.

You all laugh it off as though it does not matter.

Even your friends do not know the despair that lives within you.

the knowing that any moment now, he will excuse himself and go to the bathroom.

Someone might even joke that he is going to meet with those ‘ladies’

And you all laugh it off.

But you know.

You know HE IS going to meet with those ladies.

He is probably going to have sex with them.

And then come back, sit at the table as though nothing happened.

And like the last time, and the time before that, you will pretend not to know.

And the despair, the abject misery will rise a little higher within you.

You feel helpless.

You feel powerless to change anything.

And you KNOW you should go, leave, get away from this man.

But yet you stay.

You are strong in every other way but not in this arena.

No one would ever guess that you are putting up with this.

You know you don’t deserve to be treated this way.

And yet.


Here you are.

Slapping a smile on it…AGAIN.

Are you ready to talk?

Are you ready to heal?


Much Amazing Love

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