You Can Choose To Be Full of Faith That Every Good Thing Is Coming To YouRecently, I was reading a story about how two people received news that they were about to have babies – something one of them had wanted for a very long time and something that would get the other one into trouble as it really was not her time yet.

I liken this to the promise you have of building a truly prosperous and fulfilling life that feels sooooo good all the time.

That promise is definitely yours and that of anyone who will grab ahold of it.

Anyway, back to the story…

These two people were Zechariah – an old dude who had wanted to have a son with his beloved wife for ages and ages and nothing much seemed to happen.

And Mary – a teenager betrothed to a dude she had not slept with yet, so how on earth was she going to explain that away!

The story goes that a magnificent angel appears to them both (surely that is enough to inject faith into the proceedings!) and informs them that a child is on the way.

The old dude asks for proof which seems to annoy the angel who declares that Zechariah will not speak until the proof comes in the form of a baby.

The teenager gets all excited and feels blessed even though she knows there is possibly going to be trouble ahead!

Which are you?

The one who wants proof of everything…

Or the one who chooses to believe that all that is promised will come to pass, if you will just stay on course, despite the difficulties.

Back to the story…

Time passes…

Both get the promise.

Both the person with the massive faith as well as the person with doubt, fears and possibly, a tiny hope in his heart that despite past disappointments, this could be his time.

The major difference is that one gets it easily.  She hears the promise and she just hangs on to it and trusts that it is on its way so apart from the drama of telling a fiance (i.e. doing the work) – Thankfully, God helps out with that by telling the dude himself! – All comes along easily.

Whereas for the old dude, he had to suffer in silence as he waits for his promise to come.  I wonder how that made him feel to be unable to communicate, to be trapped in his head, wondering whether the promise would come, wondering if it was going to be okay, wondering if he would ever speak again, going back and forth in his mind.

He could have enjoyed the journey to the promise but he allowed doubt grab hold of his mind and it just made the journey harder than it needed to have been.

Thankfully, they both got the promise.

Which would you have been?

When it comes to a baby, once planted in a womb, the baby generally tends to grow and be birthed within 40 weeks or so – not always the case but generally.

With an idea, you can go back and forth on it.

You can be like the old dude and demand proof of everything before you try it out for yourself and see if it works.  You can dither between taking action because you feel hopeful and then disintegrate into a motionless mess when things do not show up at the precise moment you want them to.

You can fluctuate between faith and fear because you do not know exactly when the promise of wealth, impact and purpose will arrive.

You can do all that and make the journey unnecessarily difficult for yourself…

You can do all that and make it take considerable longer because you keep start-stopping all the time…

You can do all that…

And you will finally get the promise as long as you live long enough to see it – Be like Edward Cullen and become a vampire and you will see that everything works in the end.


You could be like the teenager – Childlike and open in trust.

You could cultivate a deep inner knowledge that the vision you have for your life, the dream planted in you from birth, the purpose pounding in your breast is going to come to pass, come hell or high water…

And all you have to do is stay on track, doing the work in the good times and the bad times…

People may think you are naive and try to get you to be like them, all jaded and settled into dissatisfaction…

People may dislike the fact that you refuse to be like them…

But despite it, you keep your eyes firmly on the goal and you keep moving forward…

Consistently, persistently

And on the journey, you inspire others with your faith.

You change lives with your message.

And you get to live the best life as you continuously stretch yourself and set new limits and you discover more of the power that is within you.

This could be you.

Or the old dude could be you.

What do you choose?

No, I do not say it is an easy choice because your whole life has been a lesson in being fearful and doubtful.

But you know better now…

So, you can choose better.

Will you?

Will you choose to be full of faith and trust that every good thing is coming to you?

It is a habit and you can cultivate the habit of faith and trust.

Come on! Be different from the norm.  Believe and begin.

Let’s go.

Your mind needs to be rewired for staying the course.

You really do need to leave behind the pain and the limiting beliefs of the past.

And the ABUNDANCE LIBRARY will support you with these things.

This journey is not one to be done alone – It can feel so tough to stay on track when the physical reality is telling you repeatedly that your dream will never happen.  Choosing to immerse your mind in possibility and empowering ideas will keep you keeping on.

YOu have known for a while that you need to jump on board so do it now at

Much Amazing Love

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