I am not one to listen to the news…

I do not keep up with current affairs…

I find that whatever I need to know comes to find me so why bother making my mind available to nonsense…

I find distasteful the quality of news that comes through the radio when I do listen to it because someone in my world chooses to listen to it around me…

And I cannot figure out why I need to know most of the things the newscaster feels the need to report.  It feels like gossip, not news.

Anyway, I come away from such encounters with the ‘news’ feeling a mixture of irritated and sad…

Because I am reminded that for the most part, the spirit-driven are not impacting the world in the way I believe we can and are called to be.

So maybe I have this idealistic idea that we should be in government, education, healthcare, media, entertainment, arts – BASICALLY everywhere

That we should be bringing the Divine to all these places and reminding people of who they are as we shine our lights so brightly…

Now, I am not called to all of these places but I am called to the arena of business…

To continue to grow my own highly profitable business

And to support other spirit-driven people in doing the same…

But again, as I keep writing in recent times, I see the spirit-driven trapped in jobs/careers/businesses that do not follow their true design and so they end up being just about surviving and having JUST ENOUGH to take care of themselves and their families

OR I see spirit-driven people being so averse to the idea of making money while doing their spirit-driven work that they find it hard to make enough money to feed their families and reach more people or even keep the business going at all!

Neither of these options is useful.

And both groups are actually allowing money to be their boss though they would vehemently deny it.

I love money

I positively adore money and not just for what it does for me

I literally love the feel of physical money itself

But it does not get to tell me what to do.

Money is just a form of love that I allow to flow to me in abundance as I am in alignment with Papa and my true design…

Papa is my source…

Not money nor my job/career/business nor partner nor government nor bank nor whatever

And I have kinda gone off on a tangent but as it flowed out of me, it will stay there…

Ultimately, my intention with this post is to call on you as a spirit-driven person to ALLOW YOURSELF to thrive in your own online business that uses your own skills, strengths and experiences…

The world needs you!

There is so much nonsense going on and you can make a difference.


However, it is YOUR Choice!

The Divine holds nothing back from you

If you DECIDE that you will make at least $5k in your own online business, you can

And you can do it, following your true design as in, using your skills, experiences, strengths

You are probably already doing your purpose work on a voluntary basis somewhere because something inside of you, compels you

Now, make the DECISION to figure out how to monetise it, trusting that as a spirit-driven person connected to Source, you will be taken care of.


Life can get so much more exciting once you jump off the ledge and STAY OFF the ledge…

Imagine, living that freedom life you dream of where you are impacting sooooo many people with the message inside of you and you are making much more than just $5k a month completely from your purpose-work…

Imagine being free to follow those intuitive nudges and go deeper and deeper with the Divine because now you have designed a life with time to go as deep as you want to…

Imagine being the one who breaks any and all negative generational patterns as you heal and allow even more prosperity in all areas of life.

WAKE UP, Spirit-driven soul, It is time to powerfully claim the life you already dream of.

I can help.


An intensive 4 week mastermind to get your $5k online business all set up and making money

A business based on your skills, experiences, strengths so it almost feels like you are making money from thin air

It is for the bold spirit-driven soul ready to change lives and make a difference while making at least $5k or £3k each month

Is that you?


Much Amazing Love



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