There are so many things you want to do, so many things you would like to try, so many things you would like to say, so many places you would like to go…

But you lack the confidence

When you are in your own comfortable realm, you are powerful.  You tell others what to do, some even look up to you.  They tell you that you have your head on straight. You are SURE of yourself in that realm.

But it is not enough for you.

There is so much more that you want and for that, you are going to need to go beyond your current comfort zone.

That scares you.

People have put you down & hurt you in the past and you don’t want to go back there.

It has taken you some time to get to this place and you are not so sure that you want to risk what you have to get what you are not even sure you can get.

And so, you stay in this dissatisfying place.


Right now, you are immersed in an environment that erodes your confidence.

You are so immersed that you do not realise that other more confident people think & act in a completely different way from you.

You just think they have it easier than you, which is not true.

You need a mindset reset, my love

You need to be exposed to broader ideas.

And that is what the ABUNDANCE LIBRARY is about.

Drip by drip, it will change your mind and grow your confidence, which in turn will change the opportunities that become apparent to you.

You will leave behind the sad stories of the past as you do the simple journal-ing tasks

And you will rise victorious in your true design life of freedom, fulfilment, financial abundance and unconditional love, as you become more of a clear channel for the Divine to guide.

And not only that, you will increase your income by $1000 / £700 if you will simply take part in the simple bootcamps and listen for 20 minutes a day to something in the library.


Come now and join the ABUNDANCE LIBRARY from $9.99 / £7.50 at

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