You know that, right?

You can find peace in your simple life with enough wealth to no longer have to worry about it…

Or you can choose to have a massive impact on the world with your gifts and talents…

You can choose to be the best parent in the world and give birth to a new generation who you lead to become leaders in their own right…

Or you can choose to have no kids whatsoever and still impact a new generation of fatherless and motherless people who need someone to lead them and show them the way…

And whatever you choose, you can choose never to have to worry about wealth again…

YOU can be, do, have whatever you want.

You always have the choice.

The thing you must guard yourself against is when you do things because you think there is some reason that you must.

When things become a ‘should’, you must allow yourself the freedom to move away from it.

If what you do does not link to your ultimate goal and aims and the results you want then you allow yourself to let them go. Regardless of the fear of letting people down, regardless of that sense that you are missing out on something, get clear on what you really want for your life and let anything else go.

In fact, start to see everything else as a distraction, it is taking you away from living the life that you can live and yes, I know it may seem simplistic to you when I say “Only do the things that you want to do” because you are so used to acting out of compulsion but how happy are you living this way?

And again, you might think it is not about happiness…

Then what is it about?

Are you supposed to be sad all the time in order to really be fulfilled?

Is that really what you think?

Do you actually think that you were put on earth to suffer and then to die?

Really? I know a lot of religions teach that but I ask you to think about it for yourself. Try to discard all your preconceived ideas of what life should be about and consider what life can be about. (And also wonder who gains from having a lot of people who are convinced that they must suffer and expect little and then die!)

Could a great life be about love, passion, excitement?

Could it be that you might find it easier to impact the world if you allow yourself to explore the things you actually enjoy? Why do you buy into a gospel of suffering?

You look at terrorists who have somehow been convinced that they will only get to paradise if they blow themselves up and you judge them and yet, you live each day as though the only way you will ever get to be happy in the afterlife is if you suffer now.

What is the difference?

Oh yes, you do not kill other people as well. That is definitely noble but I wonder if the people who have to put up with your martyrdom feel as though you are draining the life from them anyway!

Yes, I know it is an exaggerated example but please hear the heart of what I ask you.

Is it really necessary for you to make a life out of things you do not enjoy doing?

Is it?

Or can you tap into the things that bring you joy, get rid of all the ‘shoulds’ in your life and just allow yourself to be happy in this moment?

Look at the world! All the sadness and the weird claims of religion to solve the problem are not working. There are still hungry people, there are still children being taken from their parents and converted into child soldiers, there are still all kinds of atrocities happening and guess what, your being sad and tied to responsibilities that are not really yours is not fixing anything.

Choose a different path, please!

Choose a path of fulfillment and purpose and happiness.

It may seem too easy but it really isn’t or else you would already be doing it? The path of purpose and happiness seems to have become the narrow path! Not many travel it and the ones who do have the most impact on the world.

It is a strange way of thinking, I know but can you not see that there is design in the seeming chaos. WE each have a purpose that we are predesigned to want to fulfill. Yet you keep telling yourself to stay trapped in ‘responsibilities’. Do you not understand that you are a part of a jigsaw puzzle with a particular thing that you are particularly furnished to fulfill and when you allow yourself to follow your curiosity and happiness, you play your part in the evolution of the world. Do you really not see that?

Each person is a jigsaw piece with a particular shape and you fit in with other jigsaw pieces and it is only as you are yourself and they are themselves that you find your real place and you impact the world.

Whether it is as the parent at home with your kids…

The cleaner who loves to support others by cleaning up behind them…

Or the charismatic leader who rouses the world with powerful speeches…

Whatever your role is, it will be found in happiness, love, curiosity and joy.

The struggle is only with yourself.

You cannot change anyone else so you may judge the world and think you must stay stuck doing things you do not want to do but it serves no one. And all it does is make you sad.

Find your bliss.

Follow your purpose.

Do what YOU are called to do and know that it will bring you a deep happiness and joy. It will not be all sacrifice and depressed servitude. There is joy in doing what you are created to do.

You are of course, human and it will take some time to understand and believe that the right path for you is the one that you have always wanted to follow but stopped yourself becaue it felt too self-indulgent.

Regardless of your feelings, begin anyway.

Clarity is found on the path, not on the sidelines, wishing and wanting things to change.

Take action to change them and see what happens.

It all starts within you.

Let others do what they are doing.

You figure your stuff out and start taking massive action to be all you can be. It may not seem like much at the start but immerse yourself in who you choose to be, stop looking and comparing your path with another, stop judging others, be true to you. Their path will not look like yours and your path will not look like theirs. There is no one to compare yourself with.

So stop.

Be you and move.

And please allow yourself to create wealth – You do not want lack to be the reason that you did not do what you were created to do. There is a way to monetize what you choose to do. Allow yourself to find it.

I could go on and on but there is always tomorrow when I will again remind you to wake up.

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