You think you know what the Divine is thinking because you have been steeped in manmade dogma for so long.

And so you never go directly to Source to ask your questions.

YOu never get current, personalised guidance.

Which leaves you having to figure things out from a false foundation.

And then you ACT from that false foundation.

And that then keeps you trapped in horrid situations.

But you tell yourself that this is the will of the Divine.

But when last did you ACTUALLY ask?

Are you so convinced that you know the answer that you just cannot hear pure unconditional love when it speaks to you?

Are you so convinced that the words you hear must be ones of harsh discipline or else, it might be from the ‘evil’ one?

Does unconditional love feel too good to be true because you are so used to punishing yourself for every imagined or real mistake?

Would you even know that you are doing this???????

Oh my love, FREEDOM awaits you when you are done with being so weighed down by stifling, destructive dogma that takes you away from the very relationship it is supposed to enhance.


There is a more loving way to live life and it is much easier than your way.

Come immerse yourself in the ABUNDANCE LIBRARY.

Leave behind the pain and limiting stories of the past.

Rise victorious in your true design.

Come now to and join in for just $22.22.

ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS LISTEN to something in the library each day.

Much Amazing Love

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