Sometimes, the loneliness gets to you…

The feeling that you are on a desert island somewhere, even though you are surrounded by people

And the only way to feel good for a second, is to offer your body to someone who does not really care about you

Or it is the extra food you eat which means your body continues to grow beyond where you thought it would ever be…

Or it is the money you spend trying to fill a hole that more stuff will not fill…

Or it is some other secret dark thing you do when you feel this desperate need to run, run, RUN from yourself…

And at least for that one second of relief, you can pretend to be loved, cared for and seen

But the emptiness returns

And with it, the guilt

the shame

And the wondering why you keep doing this to yourself

And so the beating up of yourself continues

And you feel less and less worthy of true love, true companionship, true wealth and happiness

And you feel even more alone

And so the cycle starts up again

You avoid the Divine because you cannot forgive yourself for treating yourself this way so you expect never to be forgiven

And it all feels so empty

And who would know it to look at you?

You look happy on the outside

You look like you know what you are about, on the outside

You have perfected the look of confidence

And you never let the facade slip

Except maybe sometimes with the children (if you have them) or anyone you consider weaker than you, when you get so angry and you unleash…

And then you feel even more guilty for taking out your frustration on them

And still, the cycle continues…

And it will continue until you choose to break it

It will continue until you stop running and start looking

Start really seeing who you are

And it is not as bad as you might think…

There is incredible power within you, my love…

The power to change your life

The power to create the life you desire

The power to be fulfilled, truly happy and successful

And yes, despite everything you feel you have done, you are worthy of every good thing and there is more than enough grace for you…

You are worthy of true love, true intimate, ‘good for you’ kinda love

You are worthy of abundance, financially and otherwise

You are worthy of freedom and fulfilment

Yes, EVERY good thing can be yours

In truth, it is already yours…

But you gotta claim it

You gotta face the darkness inside of you, clear it and remember who you really are

A divine being

Pure love

Having a very temporary human experience which you can make hellish or heavenly

It is all your choice

This rut you find yourself in, is not permanent

You simply need to decide to break free

And then dare to share your true self with someone who can support you without judgment…

Yes, you can do it alone, if you choose but don’t you think you would have if you could have?

An expansion of consciousness is required as you cannot solve anything while thinking, acting, being the same way as before…

You need a new paradigm

A new way of seeing yourself and seeing the world

And that can only occur by deliberate choice to face the darkness and choose the light

You can start with this simple prayer said repeatedly

“At the heart of me, I am pure love

I choose now to release the darkness and return to my true design

Show me my next step, __________ (fill in the gap with your name for your higher power)”

And then listen for guidance

Do not doubt the little whisper

Act on it

And then begins the start of a new experience of life

Yes, it can be that simple

As you continue to act on those intuitive nudges

Everything can change

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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