Your mind is split all over the place…

This person needs you

This other person is angry with you

That person thinks you should do this

Your partner wants you to stop doing that

Your children

Your parents

Your lack of parents and/or partner

Your uncertainty about your religion but unwillingness to make a clear choice because of your fear of hell…

The boss treating you unfairly

You feeling stuck there because it pays the bills

And so on and so on

So many things for your mind to stew upon


They all even seem quite legitimate

They all feel important enough to warrant your attention

And yet, it just splits your energy and nothing really works all that well


There you are, champion…

Born for more

Full of vision and purpose and awesomeness…

And you are all caught up in these little nothings, that feel like big somethings, that keep you from your vision


You must see that none of this is happening to you

It is happening because you let it keep bugging you

You let it keep taking you off course

You feel busy, of course

But busy doing what?

You get to the end of another year and realise you have not moved much from doing the same fire-fighting you were doing 12 months ago

AGAIN, there you are CHAMPION – Why the heck are you letting this happen?

Get clear and very very harsh about your priorities…

Your values

The things that really do mean something to you

DARE to boldly let everything else go

You do not have to take part in every single family drama

Don’t you worry, they will sort it all out without you

Or they won’t

So what?!

Wean yourself off all this stuff and make your main thing, THE MAIN THING in your life

When you focus, you are unstoppable but you ain’t focused!

Except on chaos

And well, I guess you keep allowing more and more chaos as you keep focusing in on it

You need some clear boundaries

And you need to keep them up, my love

The work and the life you want to create is important enough to warrant removing everything else, isn’t it?

And if it is not or you have some silly false spiritual idea that it is good and right and nice and kind to be trying to sort out everyone’s problems…

Then quit now

Because you are not serious about your vision

You may say you are.

But you are not.

You are more concerned about pleasing the people in your life than living out your vision

Admit it and go be with the many…

Or get deliberate about the life you desire

And shift everything else out of the way

And get FOCUSED to the point of obsession

Some will say it is unhealthy

Again, you are not the many and you are not an average

So stop listening to the bleating of sheep when you desire to be a lion.


It is time.

Much Amazing Love

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