Dear Friend, it is time to wake up from the spell you are under.

The spell of thinking that your power lies outside of you

The spell of thinking that others can take from you, what is yours

The spell of thinking that the Divine is going to fly on down and hand you the prosperity you so deeply desire

The spell of thinking that if you can just be a super-nice person then that crazy energy vampire in your life will suddenly start behaving better

The spell of thinking that being a spiritual person means you should put up with nonsense from the people in your life

The spell of thinking that it is the nicest people who win at life

The spell of believing the world is set up against you because of your race, background, environment, family, children, parents, blah, blah, blah

The spell of believing you have to fix yourself in order to finally be allowed by the powers that be, to prosper

The spell of believing you are not motivated by money while spending so much time each day, trying to eeek out a living doing things you do not really want to do.

The spell of believing you are incapable of staying the course towards the creation of your vision because it is tooo hard

The spell of believing that if you would just save 10% of your income for 40plus years then you will retire rich

The spell of believing you are just a human being with life happening to you.

The spell of believing you can act like all the normal people around you and still somehow create an extraordinary life

The spell of believing you just need to put your head down, do the bare minimum to survive and then retire and die, having never really truly lived.

AWAKEN and be the creator of your own life experience

Awaken and deliberately design the life you desire

AWAKEN and stop waiting to be rescued

AWAKEN and rediscover your powerful self

You are one with the Divine

The power that created the universe lives within you

You can learn to wield it

Life Supports You


Your vision is your permission

You are capable of your calling

AWAKEN from the trance that seems to have clouded your vision.

Stop believing your sad stories

Stop believing your pain

Start now to see that you are meant for more and actually, listen to that deeper part of you that knows you are meant to thrive and prosper

Refuse to settle for less.

Refuse to give in to the spell anymore


Come, let’s talk, one on one –

Get clear on what you want

Get clear on what stops you

Put a clear plan in place to overcome.

Book in now.

Much Amazing Love

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