The path to everything you desire, is within you.

You are literally the way.

What your life is to be about is also found within you.

You are literally the truth.

The ability to bring it all to life is found within you.

You are literally the life.

When will you awaken fully to what you are capable of?

You look outside of you for validation of your dreams and desires.

I get it, I have done it.

I sometimes still get caught up in doing it and then I am reminded by Papa within that there is nothing but distraction to be found out there.

I am reminded by the fruit of living that way – It is dissatisfying.  I feel wrong.  I am having to foce myself to do things, to wake up, to show up.

And that should be enough of an indication that this is not my path but do I always listen?


I allow the opinions of others to be my guide instead of going deeper within myself.

I remember reading the words Jesus spoke “I AM the Way.  I AM the truth. I AM the life.  NO one comes to the Father Except through me” and for a long time, I thought he was making himself an exception.  HE was the only way, truth, life and so on.

BUt then I read it again this morning and in a moment of clarity, I realised that I AM that too.

I have always longed for connection with Source, powerful, life creating connection and I thought it could only occur by jumping through spiritual hoops but for a long time now, I have known that this is not true.

It is not supposed to be complicated or difficult.

Connection to Source is my natural state.

And so when I read these words again, it felt like scales fell off my eyes…

I AM the way.

I AM the truth.

I AM the life.

And so are you.

Nothing real is out there.

It is all an illusion that we continue to create by thinking it is real.

The peace, purpose, prosperity, freedom, fulfilment, financial abundance and love you crave is by going through YOU! YOU are the way, the truth, the life.

You have to look within you.

YOu have to stop judging yourself as unworthy

YOu have to love yourself if you are to live a great life.


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