Oh that you would honour yourself

Oh that you would love yourself

Oh that you would admire yourself

Oh that you would give yourself approval

Oh that you would trust yourself

Oh that you would accept every part of you

Oh that you would stop comparing yourself to anyone else

Oh that you would truly see your own value

Oh that you would practice wielding your power to create the life you want deliberately, rather than passively allowing yourself to create the life you do not want

Oh that you would truly appreciate the Divinity that is you

But no…

Instead you are caught up in looking out there for someone to approve of you

You are caught up in wondering how you are coming across

You are caught up in trying to do things like every other person on the planet

You keep trying to blend in

You follow all their plans and rules and agendas for you, though you claim to be your own person

When last did you truly listen to yourself?

When last did you question any of your mass-mind conditioned beliefs?

You just accept it all as gospel, unchangeable truth

You, more easily, see why you cannot do things and refuse to see the resources you do have

You allow money to master you when you are supposed to be its master

You claim to want more but you do nothing to create more

You just keep following the well-beaten path to nowhere because it is what ‘they’ told you would work

It may not be working all that well for you but you would rather trust ‘them’ than yourself and so you keep throwing yourself into the same old, same old nonsense while wondering why you feel so bad inside.

Oh that you would awaken to the power within you

You are created in the image and likeness of the Divine


Stop resisting yourself

Stop trying to be perfect

Stop trying so hard to be the nicest person alive (according to who?!!!)

Own all of you – the dark, the light, the inbetween

All of it is the path to your next level

All of it is the path to greater peace as you stop this internal struggle to be whatever you think the world demands of you while pushing your true self down

YOU are the pathway to your glory

Sit with the Divine and lovingly bring all parts of you back to life so that you can thrive and prosper in your true design

All the parts of you that you disown because you think they are wrong, evil and to be hidden are powerfully holding you back

It takes a lot of energy to hold you down and so, you feel drained because you keep trying to hold yourself back

Let go

Embrace all parts of you

Stop trying to control everything with your rigid holding on to rules that do not even work for you


Honour YOU


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