You have all the choices.

You can choose to create your life based on your fears or you can choose to create your life based on your prosperous vision.

You choose your focus.

Most people choose this focus unconsciously and then wonder why their life has gone down the drain.  However it is within the power of every single person to wake up to their own sovereignty over their own life.

I spoke to someone recently who had been in the wrong place at the wrong time and ended up in lots of unexpected trouble.

She had then gone on to decide that because she was in this trouble that the whole world would reject her and so, from that place of fear, she started making choices about her life.

Needless to say, she was not making good choices.

Every choice reinforced her chosen identity – “I am someone who has made mistakes and I deserve to be judged”

She stopped herself from making more expansive choices based on her vision and instead, made decisions based on her perceived flaws.  And even managed to attract into her life, people who would reinforce what she had decided was now the truth for her – “I am someone who has made mistakes & I deserve to be punished”

I had to point out to her that she was creating this.

Thankfully, she had the self-awareness to see how she was continually propagating the fear and the lie.  Most people would just think that I did not understand how bad their situation was and keep trying to subscribe me to their sad story of woe.

Tell me, would you know if every decision you are making is based on your flawed perceptions?

To this day, I find myself going off on random tangents based on fear but I have thankfully become a heckuva lot more self-aware and notice a lot faster when I am reacting to fear, rather than acting powerfully forward based on the love of the vision and prosperous life I continue to create.


Whatever you choose to focus on, will grow.

If you decide to keep telling yourself some story of being too old, too unqualified, too young, too ‘whatever’ to change your life then you will make choices based on the fact that you are too old, too unqualified, too young, too ‘whatever’ to change your life and you will prove yourself right every single time.

And the sad thing is you will literally think you have no choice in the matter but I could come into your life and point out to you how your choices are causing your issues.


You ARE the one with ALL the choices (even the Divine will NOT force your hand) so if you keep choosing to limit your choices to fear-based ones then your life will continue to contract and you will truly feel you have no choice.

But you do.

You are the ONLY one who does.

So AWAKEN, my love.

WAKE THE HECK UP and notice where your focus is.

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Much Amazing Love

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