You have done things that make you ashamed

You are still worthy of the best

Things have been done to you that make you feel angry and ashamed.

You are still worthy of the best

Nothing takes away the truth of who you are, though it may place layers upon you and convince you that you are somehow broken and unworthy of any good thing.

This could not be further from the truth.

However, if you continue to allow yourself to indulge these unhelpful thoughts, it will continue to be your experience that nothing you do ever seems to work in the way you had hoped that it would work.

You cannot hate yourself to prosperity

You cannot disapprove of yourself and then go onto experience fulfilling prosperity.

You cannot punish yourself to a good place.

Yes, you can have the appearance of success but only you know the pain you are undergoing to maintain the facade.

Only you know the fear and anxiety you live with each day as you try to keep up appearances.

Only you know the deep frustration that you experience as you acknowledge (if only to yourself) that you are nowhere near what is possible for you.

Only you know how much you allow others to punish and manipulate you using the guilt and shame you feel you deserve to forever feel

Honey, despite all the nonsense you put yourself under, you are still worthy.

For your true design is oneness with the Divine.

Come and take part in today’s EMPOWER EXPERIENCE on the skill of SELF-FORGIVENESS.

It is time you learn to set yourself free.

You are worthy of the very best of everything, IF you will allow yourself to receive it.

Come now to and grab your spot now.

Much Amazing Love


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