You are powerless, completely powerless to change anyone’s life

That includes your children

Your parents

Your Friends

Your partner

Your siblings

Your boss

they may praise you when you help them in some way

they may yell and demand that you help them MORE to change

They may even try to manipulate you with guilt for not helping them in the way they want to be helped

And still, they will only change when they want to change, regardless of what you do

And yet, where do you spend most of your time?

On other people

And where does your mind dwell most of the time?

On other people’s dramas

And all your dealings with them

What they said

or did not say

What they did

Or did not do

What they should have done

Or not done

What you will say to them

or not say

How angry ‘they’ made you when they treated you THAT way

And then you throw yourself back into the nonsense in the next second, having forgotten how bad it felt the last time you did that…

And so on

and so on


If I had not lived to see one of my previous spiritual leaders come to me and say “I gave 40 years of my life to this person’s vision and now, I have nothing” then maybe I would leave you to keep doing this stupid thing you do to your life

Just today, I spoke to someone who I had spoken to 4 or 5 years ago, who having abandoned her work with me because it seemed ‘hard’ was still in the same place, with the same complaints, with the same emptiness, and now, wishing she had simply stayed the course

How much longer will YOU continue to do this to yourself?

Nope, this path is not easy

Everyday noise, nonsense and drama is CERTAINLY EASIER than feeling your feelings, facing your inner darkness and taking bold steps forward into your next level

And yet, you are in pain already

Which is why it is so much easier to handle everyone else’s noise, nonsense and drama so that you do not have to face your own

And yet, you cannot thrive and prosper in your true design while you do not do anything that allows you to thrive and prosper in your true design

Right now, I exhort you strongly to get on the DM Path to peace. Purpose and a 6 figure income

Right now, I EXHORT you to not allow yourself to become one of the many sad stories of people who never ever choose to live their own lives as they spend all their time and energy trying to change everyone else’s life, TO NO AVAIL


Right now, go and get the 6 Figure Income Book Collection at 

Right now, they are just $2

That may change

Do not delay

Commit to yourself to get on path and to NOT GET OFF until you have completely created a life of peace, purpose and a 6 figure income.

Now is the time.


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