You Are Powerful

There can be pain and struggle in the becoming who you are.

But it is not a pre-requisite – We just think it is.

We think that the only way to get ahead is to fight and fight and kill and destroy and some take it to mean that we must do it to others.

The truth is, the struggle is with ourselves.

The struggle is with who we feel we must be to survive and who we, deep inside, think we could be.

We have moments of absolute power, we catch a glimpse of our awesome-ness, a glimpse of the God- like power within us and then we quickly shy away.

We deny that we are created powerful.

We deny that we carry that same power that conquers the grave.

We go back to being small.

We go back to pleasing people because we are worried that we are deluded. We ask this small person or that small person if they think we are good enough and in their own smallness, they tell us to just get on with what we must in front of us, they tell us to stop dreaming and we listen.

We listen because we doubt our own greatness and the struggle continues.

The struggle between who we are and who we pretend to be.

We are created in the image of God.

Do you know what that means?!!!!

Fearfully, wonderfully put together to reign, to be in dominion over everything on the planet and yet, we pretend that everything has dominion over us.

Enough, Warriors!

There does not need to be a struggle and yet, you do not know yet how to live without the struggle so struggle away until you wake up to the reality that you create it all.

You create it first by believing your own small thoughts.

You create it again and again by allowing others tell you what to think.

Look within.

Look inside of yourself for the answers and do not shy away from what you see.

For what you see inside is the truth.

You are powerful.

You can create a life that you love.

OR you can destroy the life you have.

You always get a choice.

Choose well.

Join us in the Deliberate Millionaire if you are ready to stop playing a small game.

Join us if you are ready to climb to the top because YOU KNOW that you being at the top does not mean anyone else has to stay down – You get a choice, they get a choice – Let’s go.

Join in here –

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