This is what I want you to remember about yourself as you go about your day, because I get the feeling that you have forgotten.

You are created with a mission, a purpose, a calling inside of you and you keep forgetting what that is.  The day-to-day of life has taken its toll and it is hard to hold onto the fact that the purpose within you is awe-inspiring.  You have started to think it will never happen but you forget that you are allowed to take some time to dream again.

Please do.

You have the power to create a life and a business that you want.  Come on, think about it, honey…  You already work so hard and you already do things that others think are too hard so why not redirect your efforts towards doing, being, having the things that you desire in this one life time of yours – What could you then go on to create?

I think it would be awesome!  Give yourself the chance!

You are incredibly capable of doing whatever you set your mind to and so when you forget this, you get stuck in a life, career, business that does not satisfy you.  When you settle for just being practical and just getting the money, you shrivel up and die inside, because you are born for more than that.

There is a feeling inside of you that there is more to you than this, because THERE REALLY IS more to you.  Those dreams are not there to taunt you, they are there to support you in getting all you want out of your life and your business – Will you dream again?

You have conquered such a lot already so why would you doubt your ability to conquer this?  Tap in again to the power within you and start to allow your intuition guide you again.  Start to trust you again.  The events and circumstances of life do not get to define you – ONLY YOU get that privilege and please define yourself as limitlessly powerful because I know that that is what you are.

You have forgotten that it is not weak to ask for help sometimes.  Of course, you can handle things alone but why do you have to?  I know you have trusted people and they have let you down before and so now, you think you must go it all alone and yet, honey, everyone is not the same as those people who hurt you.  And even, if those hurtful ones were the people who were supposed to love you the most, how long will you let them define you?  How long will you let the pain that dwells inside, determine your every move?  Come on, honey, do not give them power over you – Remember how powerful you are.  Choose to let it go and walk this journey of life with those who have your back.  They are out there but your wall is too high and no one can get inside to support you.  Break down your walls, open yourself up to love again.

All the wealth, the happiness, the fulfilment you want, is found when you step out of your very limited courtyard – the one you built to hide from the hurt.  Go on, open the gate a crack and let someone in.  Let them care for you and then open up to more people as you feel able.

This life journey is not to be lived alone – Get the support that will propel you forward.  There is so much more for you in the wide open space that is the abundance of life.

You have forgotten that you need noone’s permission to be you!  You have this wonderful professional front and it hides you away from everyone and you think you have to do it to be accepted but really, you feel lonely inside and because you have this front, you do not feel cared for at all.  After all, you know that no one can see the real you, so of course, you do not believe anyone cares for the real you and you keep having to be someone you are not in order to keep getting the accolades.  This fallacy is breaking you up inside but you cannot let down the walls.  It has gone on so long, you are not even sure how to do it.

And honey, I see you.

And I do not shy away.

I want to remind you to wake up and BE YOU!

Because who you really are, matters.

You, being you, can change lives and that is part of what you feel called to do, right?

And yet, you still hold back on giving yourself permission.

Please, allow yourself to shine.  Again, let someone in!

Your people are waiting to hear from you and you are longing to serve them!  So come on!

And most of all, I want you to remember that YOU ARE ENOUGH!

Just you, without all the weird attachments of life, without all the nonsense and craziness that has dogged you for too long, without having to toe the party line, without having to jump anyone’s hoops…

You, BEING YOU, is more than enough!

So, remember!

REMEMBER who you are and today, make a choice to live as that person.  That powerful, capable, person because it is even more awe-inspiring than this shielded person that I can see.

It is time to fight for, to create the life you want and stop living the one you don’t.

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