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The longer I stay in this business of supporting leaders to impact and increase their income, the more I realise that not everyone is actually cut out for it.

They want it, oh THEY WANT IT but when the chips are down, they fizzle out, they CHICKEN out and they quit…

They give into the pressure around them to go do something easier and they finally rationalize themselves to the broad path!

‘I tried’ they say…

‘I learnt so much from my foray into business and it can now be used for this job over here’ they say

‘It was meant to be that I had that part of my journey but I got to the end of the road and had to be practical’ they say…

And it is true.

All true!

But ultimately, they did not get to the dizzy heights that they wanted to get to, because ultimately THEY STOPPED!

They could no longer hack the pressure and honey, I get it!  The pressure is pretty dang high!


They lost focus and they went another path.

And you know what?!

It breaks my heart to see this happen time and time again…

And I wonder if there is even a point to my work!

After all, many, many, MANY are called but only few choose themselves long enough to make it happen.

And yet, You know why I keep going and don’t just go off and build up my own interests in another field…

I do it for you!


And as long as there are people like YOU in the world who go the distance and need my support to get them off the ground and keep them on the narrow path, I will stay here…

Singing, writing, coaching, doing the marketing for you because I believe in your mission!

And I want a better world for my kids

And it is the spirit-driven entrepreneur that will make it so!

And yes, I WANT TO!

It is my call!

My purpose!

MY MISSION to support you in making your millions so that you can use your wealth to impact government, education, family, media, the healthcare industry, beauty and wellness industries, the entertainment industries.

There was a statistic I heard once that 8 of the richest people in the world could end world hunger if they chose to.

And the thing that that tells me is that we only need a few spirit-driven leaders to go the distance…

JUST A FEW and we can change the world!

So, yes, I will keep going because YOU KEEP GOING!

And we, the spirit-driven entrepreneurial leaders will change the world!

We will impact people in ways that we see right now in our imagination…

We will keep our eyes on the prize…

We will live a full life!

And we will go to the grave knowing that we accomplished everything we are here to do!

I may sound a little ‘head in the clouds’, crazy lady-ish and yet, I believe in you!

I believe you have something and you must unleash it on the world!

I believe and so I keep speaking and speaking and SPEAKING in as many different ways as I can because I want you to win!

Because we all win when you win!

So, leader, put on your battle gear and let’s fight for and deliberately design the life you are born to live!


Let’s get your mind in the right place to stay the course.

Find out all the details at

Because you want to!

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